Summer Travel Packing Lists for Families

These mini all-in-one lists give pointing packers for vacation summer fun for everyone, from baby and toddler to kids and teens, plus tips for the entire family.

Whisking your family away for a vacation? No matter how far the destination or how long you plan to be gone, there are some essential items you’ll need to pack up to take along for the kids. Babies and toddlers come with their fair share of accessories, and there are handy objects kids and teens still require.

There are the basics, like money, identification, toothbrushes and clothes, but to make sure you don’t forget anything vital to enjoying the trip, we searched around the web for some handy lists and tips for parents.


It’s baby’s first big trip! suggests adding the following items to your checklist for baby.

  • Diapers, diapers diapers! recommends one for each hour you’re in transit – plus extras
  • A diaper-changing pad. These are handy anywhere!
  • Blankets, which are versatile and can be used to cover up baby or yourself
  • Washable bibs
  • Portable crib or playpen to set up a safe sleeping and play spot


Some of the essentials from the baby list may still apply here, but has a few extra suggestions to keep your tot happy.

  • Sunhat and sunscreen (Avoid burns!)
  • Toys and books to keep them entertained. Pack the favorites.
  • Their lovey
  • Socket protectors to childproof the hotel room
  • Tissues. Parents of toddlers know there are a number of reasons for these.


As they get older, it’s about entertainment. Here are some ideas from the blog Raising Lemons.

  • Book or homework
  • iPod – or other form music
  • Tennis shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Travel outfit. Comfort is key!

Note: See some entertainment ideas for teens next. Some will still be good for kids.


Again, a few things from the list for the older kids will probably apply here. Mostly, they can pack for themselves, but there are a few recommendations from

  • Hand-held game or laptop with movies and entertainment
  • Magazines, books and homework
  • Markers and activity books
  • Cellphone (if applicable) with charger


And finally, there are some things the whole family can benefit from that are just downright useful.’s checklists recommend a first-aid kit, plastic bags, which are great for stashing away soiled laundry or garbage, and laundry soap for working out any stains or accidents from clothes on the go. Moms, pack an extra shirt, since you never know what will get on it. Snacks are a must for the kids – and you – for when hunger strikes. had additional tips, like packing prescription medicine, plus pain relievers and motion sickness remedies.

Now that you’re all packed – bon voyage!


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