Top 5 Reasons to Get a Vacation Rental Home in Michigan

Michigan defines outdoor playground. From the wilderness areas in the far stretches of the Upper Peninsula to the old-fashioned feel of Mackinac Island to the sandy beaches lining its borders—Michigan inspires residents and visitors alike to get outside and explore.

And when it comes to lodging one popular choice isn’t a hotel room but a vacation rental. Michigan has a thriving cabin culture of rentals dotting the mitten state.

Here are the top five reasons Michigan vacation rentals are so popular.

Michigan has a rental to fit any personality and budget

Search Pure Michigan’s website and you’ll find 2,351 different vacation rentals. There’s everything from large, stately homes suitable for a wedding party or a family reunion to one-bedroom vintage 1950s cabins along a secluded lakeshore. Families can find a cabin that meets their needs – and some rentals come with extras like canoes, kayaks and fishing poles.

Michigan has more shoreline

In fact, more freshwater shoreline than any other state. Included along Michigan’s borders there are 3,216 miles of Great Lakes shoreline. That’s not counting inland lakes’ shores – there are more than 11,000 and on top of that there are over 36,000 streams. In Michigan you’re never more than six miles from an inland lake or stream. Whew! With all that shoreline there are plenty of rentals available so you can get out on the water, whether you want to walk along the beach, swim in the gentle waves, go fishing or take out a boat.

Michigan has plenty of outdoor activities

“Michigan is the most beautiful place in the world – and there’s so much to explore,” says April Carroll, the general manager of Visit Up North a property management company with over 170 different lodging options. “You can hike, bike, run, bird watch, go out on the water, we’ve got everything here.” Staying at a vacation rental makes it easy to enjoy everything Michigan has to offer. Your cabin deck may give you a view of a pristine lake. Or it may be in the middle of the woods so that in the morning you can watch the sun rise above the treetops.

Vacation rentals are more homey than a hotel room

Rentals can feel like a second home, making it simpler for your family to relax and enjoy your time away. Plus, they’re often more economical. “Vacation rentals provide superior value over other accommodation options, enabling groups and families to spend half the cost on twice the space of a hotel room,” explains Jon Gray, the Chief Revenue Officer at HomeAway, the world’s leading vacation rental marketplace with more than one million listings. “Vacation rentals come with extra bedrooms, full kitchens, and are equipped with additional amenities like a private pool, barbecues, washer/dryers and pet-friendly options providing a more authentic experience for the whole family and more opportunities to create lasting memories.”

Live like a Yooper

Each Michigan town has characteristics that make it unique. In beachside Frankfort, many people walk down to the shore in the evenings to watch the sunset, the lighthouse jutting up from the walkway that eases into Lake Michigan. In the Upper Peninsula, where natives identify themselves as ‘yoopers’ a kickback attitude reigns. It has an old-town feel where people smile and say ‘hello’ as you pass each other on the street. “Sometimes I feel like time has stopped here,” says Carroll. “It’s the kind of place where there are still roadside stands where you drop your money in a bucket and can pick up produce. No one’s there – it’s just an honor system. People are just friendly here.”


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