Unique Extracurricular Activities for Kids

Sick of soccer and football? Kids don’t need to be stuck in a hobby they hate anymore with these fun local options.

Parents who have bought shin guards, cleats and jerseys just for them to pile up in a corner know the struggle well: A kid who doesn’t take to classic hobbies but wants something fun to do.

Luckily for kids today, there’s a wider range of unique activities to catch your little one’s attention. If diving isn’t cutting it, but your teen still wants something exhilarating, try aerial classes. For little ones who love to perform but hate dance shoes, take a spin with an acting class.

Even extracurriculars without much movement can have incredible benefits for kids. Chess, for example, can improve memory and logical thinking, while learning a language can help a child years down the road.

No matter what your little one loves (or doesn’t), there’s an extracurricular for every child. Here are 10 of our favorite options in southeast Michigan.

Acting Classes  

If your little one has a flair for the dramatic, hone those natural skills with classes where they’ll learn skills like improvisation and singing. Some studios are doing virtual courses, too.

Aerial Classes

Fearless kids will enjoy learning the ropes (or silks) on aerial courses crafted specifically for youth. Expect little ones to improve balance and strength while having fun flying above their friends.


As far as sports for kids go, not much is cooler than archery. Take your little Katniss Everdeen to kids classes to learn the basics, like how to hold a bow, aim and the correct stance.


With the popularity of The Queen’s Gambit, older kids might be more interested in trying their hand at chess. Plus, it has a host of benefits for kids: improved memory, logical thinking, critical thinking, concentration, problem solving and visual processing.


Improve coordination and unleash your little one’s creativity at a ceramics class. Of course, they’ll be able to take their hard work home with them. Kids will learn to shape clay using different methods, like a pottery wheel.

Cooking Classes 

If Top Chef Junior or Great British Bake Off is your little one’s favorite show, then surprise them with a cooking class where they’ll learn the basics of baking and cooking. Even something commonplace like cooking can become a fun extracurricular when done with friends.

Disc Golf

While it would be fun for kids to take a disc golf lesson before embarking on a course, older kids could certainly learn the basics on YouTube then head out with friends. For parents who think their kids could benefit from some outdoor time, but want something more unique than soccer or football, disc golf is a clear winner.


This fast-paced sport is growing in popularity. Kids will learn proper footwork, blade-work, distance control, fencing etiquette and rules at a beginner class.

Learn a Language

Kids will love learning another language alongside their peers. Plus, children have a greater appreciation for other cultures when they can communicate in the language. If typical language courses don’t catch your little one’s attention, try virtual sign language classes for kids.

Rock Climbing

Redirect little ones with a love of climbing furniture and trees with a rock climbing course. Rock climbing improves spatial awareness, balance and motor skills, plus kids will learn how to safely navigate a rock climbing gym.

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