Watch This, Do That: Frozen II

Watch the second installment of the beloved 'Frozen' and enjoy some frosty activities based on the movie with our Watch This, Do That: Frozen II Edition.

In the return to Arendelle, we learn how and why Elsa has the power to control cold and ice. Queen Elsa, her sister Anna and her friends Kristoff, Olaf and Sven take an adventure trip into an enchanted forest to learn that Elsa’s magical powers aren’t the only ones out there. Along the way, Elsa and Anna learn about their family’s past and how it affects their future.

Frozen II is about family, friendship and fate. After you’ve seen the movie, here’s what you can discuss with kids:

  • Things change. Anna was so happy at the beginning of the movie with the open gates, her relationships with her friends and family and her life in the kingdom that she never wanted it to change. Then everything changed. Most of it for the better, so it’s OK for kids to know that even when they’re comfortable with their lives, things will always change, but that change won’t always be bad.
  • Do the (next) right thing. Anna’s trip through the adventure of the movie wasn’t an easy one. She had to accept her family’s past first and destroy the dam to save her kingdom. The right choices in life aren’t always the easy ones.
  • Accept help. The Northuldra people had help from the elements in the forest, and they weren’t afraid to use the help. Elsa needed help to save Arendelle, and she was hesitant to accept it from Anna, Kristoff and Olaf. It’s OK to ask for and accept help from friends and family when we need it.

Movie-inspired activities

Photo by Eating on a Dime

Now that you’ve seen Frozen II, try these screen-free activities inspired by the five elements in the movie.

  • Wind. Let Gale help you soar and go fly a kite! Learn to make your own kite here, or find one with Elsa on it here.
  • Water. Make your own wave bottle with the help of baby oil, vinegar and this craft from A Girl and a Glue Gun.
  • Earth. Head outdoors and start your own rock collection. What can you find – and learn – about the earth? Grab a magnifying glass to see if you can distinguish the features of each rock.
  • Fire. This one might be tricky with littler kids, so make a tissue paper campfire (using a battery tea light as your light source) and talk about fire safety. For older kids, now is the time to unpack the gear for S’mores.
  • Ice. Perfect for summer fun, add water, ice and Kool-aid mix to a blender for a tasty slushie treat.

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