Watch This, Do That: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Got a Potterhead on your hands? Enjoy some of the fun activities based on the second movie in the series with our Watch This, Do That: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets edition.

If your kids are watching the Harry Potter series for the first time, then the adventure continues in the second installment — Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Harry returns to the second year at Hogwarts when a mysterious creature is stalking the halls and paralyzing victims.

As the Golden Trio try to discover Slytherin’s heir, there are new themes to explore that help our children learn good morals. Here are a few to discuss:

  • Why being prejudice is wrong. Some “pure-blood” wizards believe they’re better than Muggles and Muggle-borns (wizards who have non-magical parents). Draco has those beliefs and he calls Hermione a “Mudblood,” a highly derogatory term for Muggle-born wizards. Even the attacks are focused on Muggle-born students. It’s important to have a discussion about how to understand and accept differences in others, and we must show kindness to everyone.
  • Loyalty matters. We know friendship is a common theme throughout the series and this book focuses on loyalty. Ron and Hermione are by Harry’s side, for example, when he speaks Parseltongue (snake language) which sets him apart from his peers. Supporting your friends can help them through the most difficult times.
  • Make good choices. Harry worries that he might have dark wizard traits due to his connection with Lord Voldemort. However, as Dumbledore reminds him, “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” Harry’s actions of bravery and helping others are based on choices. In the end, it’s up to us to make good choices in order to show who we truly are. 

Movie-inspired activities

Photo via Homemade Hooplah

After you’re done reading the second book or watching the movie, try out these screen-free activities with your kids:

  • Make a Howler. We hope we never have to send a Howler like that to our kids like Molly Weasley. You’ll still enjoy crafting out your own with this DIY project
  • Organize a spider hunt. As Hagrid said, “Follow the spiders.” Don’t be scared, Muggles! On your next family walk or in your backyard, count how many spiders you can find. 
  • Brew some Polyjuice Potion. You’ll feel like you’re in Potions when mixing together this lime sherbet family punch
  • Pot your own mandrake. They screech awfully loud, but you have to admit these mini mandrake babies can make some cute decor. 
  • Help free Dobby. Take out your cornholes or make your own to play this game. Instead of bean bags, use socks to help make Dobby a free elf. 
  • Create a cornish pixie jar. Don’t let your pixies loose. The mischievous flying creatures will stay safe in this glittery jar that can double as a night light.  

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