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Sons trying to impress their fathers in as many ways as they can while still trying to maintain their identity is the crux of Hop, the Easter-based movie about what happens when a bunny doesn’t want to be the Easter Bunny. When E.B. flees Easter Island, home of the Easter Bunny complex, and arrives in California, he is run into (literally) by Fred O’Hare, who is just trying to find a job that will make both him and his parents happy. As hilarity ensues, E.B impresses The Hoff and then Fred finds a job that suits him to a T.

Hop is about fitting in as an outsider and following the joy that makes you happy. After you’ve seen the flick, here are a few things to talk about with your kids:

  • Remind your kids to focus on their passions. E.B. wanted to be a drummer and not be tied down to the family business. He escaped to California because his father didn’t approve of his dreams, and he wanted to prove he could be successful as a drummer. Kids can find their happiness making their dreams into a hobby or a career.
  • Talk to your kids about what they do that makes you proud. Both E.B. and Fred were trying to make their fathers proud of them. Often, kids need to be reminded that their successes, no matter how big or small, make their parents proud, too.
  • Discuss the movie’s racism and classism. Part of the focus of Hop is about how to replace a retiring Easter Bunny. Carlos, who has been Henry’s No. 2 for years and knows the job through and through, recommends himself to take over the No. 1 job and the suggestion is deemed laughable. Why? Because he’s not a bunny? Because he has a different accent? The “co-Bunny” job is ultimately given to a human, who is also not a bunny and doesn’t speak with an English accent and makes the case of privilege that someone who doesn’t know the job and isn’t qualified is more likely to be believable. Use this movie experience as part of your ongoing conversation with your kids about anti-racism and how to overcome the overt classism in the promotion.

Movie-inspired activities

Photo from BabbleDabbleDo blog

Now that you’ve seen Hop, try these screen-free activities inspired by the movie.

  • Try a science experiment with eggs. This experiment from BabbleDabbleDo will turn an ordinary raw egg into a rubber egg in 3-5 days. The site also explains the science behind the transformation.
  • Learn the Bunny Hop. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to a wedding or large party, your kids might not know the Bunny Hop dance. This video from The Lawrence Welk Show demonstrates perfect form.
  • Create your own molded chocolates. The chicks and bunnies on Easter Island are the makers of candy creations. Learn to make your own chocolate molds with instructions from WikiHow.
  • Create an obstacle course. E.B. helps Fred prepare to be the Easter Bunny by running him through workouts and an obstacle course. Use what you have around the house and yard to make your own course.
  • Be the bunny. If your family is mostly older kids, volunteer to help the Easter Bunny this year by creating an egg hunt for a family with younger children.

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