Watch This, Do That: Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Inspire your kids to believe in themselves this holiday season with the activities offered in our latest installment of Watch This, Do That: Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.

Once widely-known for his incredible toy inventions, Jeronicus Jangle has gone through a lot with barely any hope left. In Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, Jeronicus’ granddaughter, Journey, comes to visit and helps him find the magic again with a long-forgotten toy. Set in the Victorian era, this family musical, featuring a predominantly Black cast, will certainly get your family in the holiday spirit.

Jeronicus comes off as a grumpy, old man, but he rediscovers the important things in life thanks to Journey. Here are some lessons from the film to talk about with your kids:

  • Believe in yourself. After all these years alone, Jeronicus has lost his desire and abilities to invent. Journey shows him that he must believe again in order to find his power to create. Point out to your kids how a little positivity goes a long way, even if they don’t think they’re capable of getting a task done.
  • You can fix things. Jeronicus has dealt with pain and loss throughout his life. He has unfortunately pushed people away due to grief. While these emotions are normal for anyone to have, kids can see that there’s still a chance to repair yourself. Sometimes it takes time and a little help from your loved ones.
  • Your time will come. Gustafson, a former apprentice of Jeronicus, quickly becomes the story’s villain. How does this happen actually? We learn that he was impatient, and decided to lie and cheat to become a famous toymaker. Kids can learn from his mistakes and that there are no shortcuts in life. You’ll only find rewards if you put honest work into it.

Movie-Inspired Activities


Now that you’ve watched Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, try these screen-free activities at home.

  • Invent your dream toy. The Jangles are a family of inventors and maybe your family is, too! Have each family member use paper and crayons to draw out their very own toy invention. When done, everyone can take turns to show off their creations.
  • Read a book. If your kids are in love with this movie, add this book to your collection. The Square Root of Possible: A Jingle Jangle Story can be a new bedtime favorite.
  • Make snow. Looking for a kid-friendly science experiment to try at home? Make fizzing snowmen with this easy activity from Teach Beside Me.
  • Learn some math. We love how this movie incorporates math. You can try some math fun at home with a festive twist by trying these Magnetic Tile Christmas Puzzles from Happy Toddler Playtime.
  • Build a robot. Some fans (including us!) are hoping a Buddy 3000 robot toy hits store shelves soon. In the meantime, build your own Buddy by giving your kids some extra card boxes and let their imagination run wild. Follow this tutorial from Instructables.

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