Watch This, Do That: Mulan

Celebrate the release of the live-action movie with some activities based on the original Disney animated classic with our Watch This, Do That: Mulan edition.

Disney’s live-action movie, Mulan, was supposed to hit theaters earlier this year. But due to COVID-19, the new movie will premiere on Disney+ on Sept. 4 and subscribers can watch with Premier Access for $30. While we wait, now’s the time to check out the 1998 animated version based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, who disguised as a man to take her father’s place as a soldier.

Mulan has a lot to learn as she trains to be a soldier and fight the Huns. The movie also has a few life lessons that you can teach at home:

  • You’re stronger than you think. Mulan is faced with a lot of challenges as she disguises herself as a man. But it doesn’t stop her to prove to General Li Shang that she can help defend China. We watch Mulan accomplish that goal with determination and hard work, which are great lessons to pass down to our kids.
  • Choose your own destiny. In the beginning of the movie, Mulan meets with a matchmaker and it turns out to be a disaster. She instead follows her own heart and discovers who she really is. Everything happens in its own time. You don’t have to let others control your life.
  • Family comes first. Family is a very important theme in Mulan. Mulan risks her life to protect her father. Mushu learns to care for Mulan while protecting her for the Fa family ancestors. You’ll do anything for the ones you care about.

Movie-inspired activities

Photo Credit: Disney Family

Now that you’ve watched Mulan, here are some screen-free activities to enjoy with your kids:

  • Learn about your ancestors. In Mulan, the ancestors serve as guardians for the Fa family. Have you ever talked to your kids about their own ancestors? Sit down together and see how far you can trace your family tree.
  • Make Chinese lanterns. Paper lanterns have been part of Chinese culture for centuries. Learn more about lanterns and how to make your own with this tutorial from Chinese American Family.
  • Bake cherry blossom tarts. Cherry blossoms are the inspiration for Disney Family to make this beautiful dessert.
  • Make a Mulan paper doll. You can make the Disney Princess at home with this paper doll tutorial from Big Family Blessings.
  • Order Chinese food. Search your town to find authentic Chinese food that you can even enjoy while watching the film. Plus, it’s more important now than ever to support your local restaurants!

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