Welcome Winter Door Wreath Craft

Use this DIY winter door wreath craft to open your child’s imagination to the new season.

Kids love all things sparkly and festive, so let them help you welcome guests with a smile by jumping on the fun door wreath trend. Encourage them to incorporate winter-themed elements they find along your walks together or unleash their creative juices by hitting the craft store. (Learning tip to share: In ancient Greece and Rome, members of Greco-Roman society would use the elements from nature to hand-make wreaths.)

Happy creating.

Do This

Guide your child’s curiosity for Greco-Roman wreaths with a DIY door wreath activity where they can allow their wild and wacky imaginations to unfold. Perfection doesn’t count here. It’s the smiles that really matter.


  • Scissors
  • Wreath cutter
  • Wreath ring
  • Faux or real greenery
  • Flowers
  • Berry sprigs
  • Glittered pine cones
  • Grapevine wire
  • Coiled garland
  • Jingle Bell ribbon garland
  • Leaves (fake or real)
  • Rustic pumpkins garland


  1. Place some newspaper or clean scrap cloth to set up all of materials. This project can get a little messy.
  2. Lay out the wreath ring. Have the children lay out all the materials on the table. Allow them to cut the tags off each item found at the store. Preschoolers especially get so excited about using scissors and helping along in the process of crafting.
  3. Place each glittered pine cone 1 to 2 inches apart on the wreath. (Note, you can buy them or make your own)
  4. Cut two 4-inch pieces of grapevine wire for each side of the glittered pine cone to secure it on the wreath.
  5. Place each berry sprigs 1 to 2 inches apart on the wreath.
  6. Cut two more 4-inch pieces of grapevine wire for each side of the berry sprigs to secure them on the wreath.
  7. Overlap each piece of jingle bell ribbon garland in between all of materials on the wreath.
  8. Wrap each piece of leaves/rustic mini pumpkins garland in between the berry sprigs and glittered pine cones on the wreath.

Try That

There really is no end to the materials you can use to create your door wreath. Here are some other favorites to try.

  • Real feathers. Found on your explores or in the craft store. The kids can even make some fun ones from construction paper.
  • Puzzle pieces. You know you have an old puzzle gathering dust somewhere. Re-imagine it as a colorful wreath, using hot glue to attach pieces to your wreath frame.
  • Buy some or better yet, make some with festive or winter paper you find at the craft store (you can make several out of one sheet). It’s simply cutting the paper to size and folding to get the shape you want, with a mini tack to hold it together. To make it visually interesting, alternate big ones and small ones.
  • Candy canes. ‘Tis the season. You could go vibrant with cool colored candy canes like those from Jelly Belly or go traditional red and white. Full size works best.
  • Corn husks. Repurpose the corn stalks from your Halloween decorations, dry out and flatten the corn husks and place them on your wreath frame.
  • Yarn balls or pompoms. You can even simply wrap your wreath frame in yarn and add some fake flowers that fit the colors you like best for winter.
  • Action figures or Legos. Your kids might have some broken or unloved toys that would be perfect to add pops of color and whimsy to the wreath. How cute would a dino be greeting your guests?
  • Faux sugared fruits or colorful fake birds. These add color to gloomy winter days.

Corita E. Mitchell is a former educator, wife and mom of two who loves exploring with her children.

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