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Tackle Football Before Age 12 Linked to Behavior Problems

A recent study found that tackle football may lead to long-term 'neurobehavioral consequences.'

How to Get Sweat Smell Out of Clothes and Sports Gear

After hours of running, jumping and sweating your kids' sports gear can get pretty funky. Learn how to get sweat smell out of clothes with these tips.

Gymnastics for Toddlers, Babies: The Benefits of Starting Classes Early

Gymnastics can have huge benefits for your baby. Find out what skills gymnastics for toddlers and babies offers and how early you can get started.

Things to Do in Detroit for Kids: After-School and Extracurricular Programs

There are fun things to do in Detroit, especially for kids looking for after-school and extracurricular Detroit activities. Find programs listed here.

About the DMC Medical Group Sports Medicine Services

From sports physicals to injury follow up, specialists are available throughout southeast Michigan to help your young athlete thrive.

Back on the Field: How to Keep Kids Safe as Sports...

Two top docs with the DMC Medical Group discuss what parents should know this fall season.

Girls More Likely to Get Sports Concussions than Boys

A new study suggests girls are more susceptible to concussions than boys. Discover the reasons and learn what you can do to prevent and treat them.

Summer Fun & Learning Guide

Prevent boredom – and brain drain – for your kids this summer with engagement, activities, camps, jobs and more ideas.

Canvas Painting Studios for Kids in Southeast Michigan

Creative kids will love the opportunity to paint a mini-masterpiece at one of these local spots.

How to Overcome Fear of Water

Help your kids feel brave in the swimming pool, lake or ocean with these tips from local swim school reps.

Diving 101: Teaching Kids How to Dive into a Pool

Is your child ready to tackle the headfirst water-splash this summer? Here are some tips and advice on how parents can help kids learn.

Secondary Drowning Danger for Kids Can Go Beyond the Pool

A Texas 4-year-old succumbed to dry drowning two weeks after his initial encounter with water. Learn what this rare condition is, how to spot it and what you can do to keep your kids safe this summer.