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How to Get Sweat Smell Out of Clothes and Sports Gear

After hours of running, jumping and sweating your kids' sports gear can get pretty funky. Learn how to get sweat smell out of clothes with these tips.

Gymnastics for Toddlers, Babies: The Benefits of Starting Classes Early

Gymnastics can have huge benefits for your baby. Find out what skills gymnastics for toddlers and babies offers and how early you can get started.

About the DMC Medical Group Sports Medicine Services

From sports physicals to injury follow up, specialists are available throughout southeast Michigan to help your young athlete thrive.

Back on the Field: How to Keep Kids Safe as Sports...

Two top docs with the DMC Medical Group discuss what parents should know this fall season.

Girls More Likely to Get Sports Concussions than Boys

A new study suggests girls are more susceptible to concussions than boys. Discover the reasons and learn what you can do to prevent and treat them.

Most Expensive Sports for Kids to Play

It's wonderful to encourage kids to get active and grow strong, but some sports cost more to take on than others. Here are five of the most expensive sports.

10 Inspirational Sports Quotes for Kids

Parents who are motivating young athletes may find these motivational sports quotes for kids and students to be the perfect amount of inspiration.

Sports for Kids Who Aren't into Team Sports

Got a child who'd prefer to compete with him or herself? Here's a non-team sports list of three great contenders: Fencing, mixed martial arts and swimming.

How to Prevent Sports Injuries in Kids

A Henry Ford Medical Center pediatrician talks about some of the most common sports injuries and how to prevent them.

Racquet Up Detroit: Expanding Students' Horizons

At Racquet Up Detroit, students learn how to play squash, get to travel around the country and get academic support to give them the best chance of success.

Lacrosse Sport Getting Popular with Kids in Southeast Michigan

It was once considered an elite team sport played at private schools; now, it's sweeping across the state. Is this growing trend in it for the long run?

How to Balance Being a Sports Parent

Raising an exceptional athlete brings highs, lows and lots of windshield time. Four local moms share their stories and experiences.