Youth Sports

Joe Dumars' Fieldhouse Pickup Basketball in Detroit

These old-school courts are a community staple offering kids of various ages the chance to blow off steam, shoot some hoops, meet new role models and more.

Principal Vondra Glass Changes Detroit Kids' Lives with Martial Arts

He's helping middle school students at Detroit Premier Academy boost confidence and grades - and tackle bullies, obesity and a rough neighborhood.

New Michigan Law Protects Kids from Concussions

Two-part approach aims to educate coaches on signs and requires that injured kids get medical approval before getting back in the game.

Backyard Olympics: Gymnastics and Swimming Games

As the summer games arrive in London, England, hit the lawn or pool in southeast Michigan for a little 'plate skate' and 'water polo relay' fun.

Michigan Youth Sports Concussion Bill Backed by Detroit Lions

Lions president Tom Lewand supports Senate Bill 1122 - which, if passed, will set guidelines for sports concussions awareness and kids.

Super Stadium Baseball Game

This table game offers Major League fun for the whole family, just in time for the Detroit Tigers Opening Day game this April.

Spring Sports Photo Gallery of Southeast Michigan Kids

Baseball, hockey, horseback riding: From tykes to teens, children in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor sure know how to make the most of warm weather!

Cheerleading Safety Checklist

Check out this list of factors to consider before taking the leap.