‘Rocking’ Them to Sleep

Metro Parent's editor-in-chief thinks parents should take kids to concerts that aren't necessarily targeted to them. Find out why.

The Art of the Deal: Bribing Kids

Metro Parent's editor-in-chief discusses this month's feature story and makes a case for bribing kids.

An Emotional Education: Why Negative Feelings Matter for Kids

Metro parent's editor-in-chief discusses the March 2018 issue of Metro Parent and how parents can help kids manage negative emotions.

An Adventurous Spirit

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The Car Connection

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Holiday Rebel

Metro Parent's editor-in-chief shares her thoughts on holiday traditions.

Cooking Up a Passion

Metro Parent's editor-in-chief dishes on her love of baking – and getting kids involved in the kitchen.

The ‘Wonders’ of Dress-Up

I was a HUGE Wonder Woman fan growing up. I watched the TV show starring Lynda Carter each week. I bought comic books in...

Why Einstein is Not Greater Than Mozart

STEM! STEM! STEM! It sometimes seems like any non-science subject must feel like the "Jan" of the educational world, and science, technology, engineering and...

Investing in the Future

What do you think is the No. 1 issue affecting families? Education? Health care? Economy/jobs? It's always tough to answer this type of question because they...

Insights and Insects

The older I get, the more I realize that I'm still discovering who I am. Not in any fundamental way. I think I have...

An Imperfect Tribute

My dad was an unlikely father. He’d told me once that he’d never really cared if he had a child, but my mother wanted...