Anne LaTarte, Regional Vice President of Southwest Detroit Lighthouse Charter Academy

LaTarte honed her educational knowledge and dedication as a special education teacher in New York and director for Teach for America. Now, she's back in her home state, hoping to make a difference at this new school.

Julia Putnam, Principal of The James And Grace Lee Boggs School

The Boggs School on Detroit's east side has been five years in the making. For principal and founder Julia Putnam, it's a dream finally realized, one she hopes transforms the community and lifts up Detroit.

Cesar Chavez Academy Graduate Shares Tips for Success in School

It wasn't easy being an all-star student in Detroit, but Elizabeth Morales persevered thanks to grit, dedicated parents and a community of supporters. Now, the University of Michigan senior is offering advice for students to follow in her successful steps.

National School Bus Safety Week: What You Need to Know

A southeast Michigan driving instructor offers teens and parents a refresher in traffic laws during this awareness week, which runs Oct. 21-25, 2013.

Detroit Public Schools Parent Leader Volunteers to Support Students

For Anneccia Davis-Dunson, being involved in her children's education was important. Now, she volunteers at their former Detroit elementary school to help other kids in their learning.

Detroit Public Schools Instructional Specialist Creates Fun Writing Program

This teacher turned instructional specialist helps students improve their writing skills through a program she created at Detroit's Davison Elementary-Middle School.
Deirdra Young

Detroit Public Schools Community District Parent Volunteer Deirdre Young

DPSCD alumna Deirdre Young motivates the next generation – from her young son to the middle and high school students she exposes to a career in dentistry.

Detroit Public Schools Student Camera Edgar

This 16-year-old moved to a new city and new school - but thanks to guidance from her teachers at Dr. Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine, she is a top student with a bright future.

Detroit Public Schools Programs Support Parent Involvement

Parents aren't just encouraged to help their children succeed in school, they're offered tools and resources to achieve their own successes, too.

12 Detroit Schools Ranked in Top 100 in Report Card

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy listed two DPS schools and two DPS-authorized charters in the top 10. Plus, eight more city schools made the group's top 100.

Tips to Help Prevent Your Child from Quitting

When things get tough in school and a kid doesn't want to fail, it's not uncommon for him to give up. Here are some ways to foster tenacity in school.

Michigan Disaster Plans for Schools, Daycare Centers Lacking

Save the Children, a national organization, says we're among 28 states not making the grade in keeping kids safe. Here's what it found - and what's being done.