Group of kids and an adult walking through a field

5 Social Groups for Homeschoolers in Metro Detroit

Thinking about homeschooling but worried your kids will miss out on social opportunities? Think again. Here are some activities and social groups for homeschoolers.

A Nurturing Neighborhood Preschool

Families looking for a preschool that provides exceptional care and customized curriculum for children can look no further than Childtime.
The inside of a preschool classroom

Preschool Primer for Finding a School, Preparing and More

Ready to send your little guy or gal to preschool in fall of 2020? Two local experts offer their best advice for planning your child's preschool experience.
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How Gen Z Learns: It’s More Self-Paced and Collaborative Than Ever

They're roughly ages 5-24 – and their classrooms are very different from those of their millennial and Gen X parents. Find out more about how Gen. Z learns.

Crowdfunding for Public Schools’ Needs Growing in Metro Detroit

Whether it's due to tight budgets or the unique needs of its students, crowdfunding for public schools has picked up steam with websites like DonorsChoose.

HighPoint Hybrid Academy Keeps Homeschool on a High Note

Parents who homeschool their children experience a mix of in-class and at-home learning with the Rochester-based HighPoint Hybrid Academy.

Tips for Taking Big Exams in High School

Whether it's midterms or finals, high-pressure tests can cause stress. These tips will help frazzled teens pass – and even pull an A on – the next big exam.

How to Find the Right Elementary School Culture for Your Child

Even in earlier grades, the culture created by school staff can make or break a young child's education. Here's how to find a good elementary school culture.

Teaching Younger Kids How to Have Thick Conversations

One of the most impactful ways to prepare children under 3 for the rest of their lives is talking to them in 'thick' conversations. Here's a look at how to do it.

Emotional Intelligence in Children Can Lead to Better Grades

Grades and test scores have a connection to emotional intelligence in children, a new study says. Learn who – and how to give your student an EQ boost.
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Out With the Old: How Education Changes Over Time

Metro Parent's editor-in-chief talks about how she used to learn, how other generations learn and how education changes over time.

Why Young Kids Have After-School Meltdowns

Managing how some young kids 'fall apart' after school can be tough, but parents can breathe easy knowing there are ways to help those after-school meltdowns.