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Gifted Students: The Best Approach to Educating Einstein

Keeping super-smart children engaged, motivated and accepted can be an incredible challenge. Learn how to help your gifted student.

The Importance of Physical Education for Kids

The importance of physical education is undebatable. Gym class offers team building skills, opportunities for exercise and a break from the day, so why is it being dialed down?

10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School — The...

Tips and advice on how to help your child succeed in school, offered by a veteran teacher and law expert from southeast Michigan.

Cyber-Bullying Increasing in Middle and High Schools, Study Says

A recent study found that cyber-bullying is on the rise at middle and high schools. Find out what it is, the harm is causes and how you can help.

Why Art Matters

Four successful local professionals who don't have 'art jobs' share why art is relevant in their careers – and why it matters for our kids.

What Does Michigan’s New 3rd Grade Reading Law Mean for Your...

Be prepared for changes that affect how your school district works to improve 3rd grade reading skills.

Should School Start Before Labor Day?

With a record number of Michigan schools starting before the holiday weekend, many families are adjusting to a shortened summer break.

Back-to-School Shopping in-Store vs. Online

A local mom struggles with whether to do back-to-school shopping in-store or online. Here's why she opted to take her kids to shop for their own supplies.

Metro Parent Top Teacher Awards 2017

Southeast Michigan parents praised local these educators for their hard work. Find out who was nominated for this annual honor.

Teacher Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Forget trite gift baskets and cookie tins. Break the mold with these heartfelt gift ideas for that special teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Cool, Creative Gifts for Teachers

Looking for a unique way to celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Month this May? Browse our list of these top-of-the-class creations!

Symptoms and Cures for Senioritis in High School Seniors

If your kid is near the end of high school, be aware of senioritis. It's more real than you think. Find out what the symptoms are and how you can help.