School Issues

Kindergarten Starting Age Affects Kids for Life

If they start sooner, they'll face trials down the road sooner, too. One mom of grown kids shares her experience and encourages parents not to rush.

How to Know if Your Child is Ready for Kindergarten

From age to maturity and skills, many factors weigh into the choice for parents (and schools). These recommendations can help your decision.

Increasing Class Participation

Got a shy or quiet child? Here, teachers weigh in on a few ways parents can encourage their kids to speak up and get involved in school conversation.

Young Adult Novel 'Cloak' is an Awesome Read for Kids

Detroit native James Gough's debut book is a suspenseful adventure for the tween or teen reader in your life.

E-readers for Kids at Home and in Schools

What are the pros and cons as digital books have become popular in homes and classrooms? Southeast Michigan parents and teachers weigh in.

Textbook Extras to Help Your Kid in School

For parents seeking supplements and tools to give their students a boost, get the latest on what educators are suggesting to help children thrive.

Is My Child Reading at Grade Level?

Parents wondering if their kids' reading abilities are where they should be get tips from two veteran teachers.

Making Bullying a Crime in Detroit

City council has approved a new approach to fighting back when kids get picked on: Criminalizing bullying. One council member shares the reasons.

Why You Should Stop Doing Your Kid’s Homework

Are you doing your kid's homework? If so, find out why you aren't doing them any favors, and get tips on how to strike a balance.

Afterschool Programs and Activities for Kids

From sports and dance to educational fare and arts and culture fun, there are plenty of ways to complement - or spark - their interests.

Kids Learn Banking Basics in School

Class programs run by banks in southeast Michigan aim to create finance savvy students who learn the 101 on checking, saving and more.

Halloween Books for Kids

Monsters, witches, ghosts and All Hallows Eve fun come to life in our top three picks for the best haunted reads for kids in October 2011.