School Issues

The Secrets of Getting Good Grades

Two veteran teachers say parents who want their kids to do well in school should focus on these six basic things.

I Love the Start of School (?)

'It's the most wonderful time of the year!' is the Christmas song - and Staples' back-to-school commercial theme song.

Back to School Kid Photos

It's that time of year! Kids are back in class come Sept. 7. Scope out these local class-ready cuties who are all set to hit the books.

I Love My Public Library

You may never realize how much you love your local library, until you are in danger of losing it.

Young Authors & Illustrators Winners 2010

Meet the talented southeast Michigan kids in grades 1-8 who took home the top prizes in Metro Parent's 11th annual event!

I Hate Papers!

There was a day I could keep up with the papers coming in and going out of my family's house. Not anymore!
Finding a school checklist

Finding a New School Checklist

Looking for a new public, charter or private option for your child? The eight steps on our finding a school checklist can help you make the right choice.

I Love My Kids' Teachers

Whenever I think I'm having a tough day with my little darlings, I just imagine what it must be like juggling 25 kids every week day!

Creating a Homework Environment

Here are eight simple ways to create a homework environment for your kids to study in at home that will help them find school success.

Boosting Interest in Social Studies

How can you nurture a budding historian? Here are a few ways to build on kids' curiosity for the subject.

I Love My Kids' After-school Activities

Watching her daughters dancing, doing gymnastics and ice skating has been an unexpected lesson for this local mom.

Stumped by Story Problems?

Try this four-step solution to help coach frustrated students through these tricky math problems.