School Issues

Scholarships for High School Students in Michigan

Looking for some free money to help pay for your child's college education? Here, you will find a list of scholarships for high school students in southeast Michigan and beyond.

6 Unique Ways to Volunteer at Your Child’s School

PTA meetings don't fit your schedule or your personality? Consider one of these alternative ways to get parents involved in school.

Tips for Dealing with a Teacher from Hell

Wondering how you should be dealing with difficult teachers? Make nice with your child's not-so-nice teacher with 16 tips.

Local Student Starts Kindness Club

The 12-year-old from Bloomfield Hills launched Michigan's first branch of the national nonprofit Samaritans365 at her school.

Multicultural Children’s Books That Showcase Diversity

These 10 multicultural children's books feature characters with different ethnicities, identities and special needs.

Too Much Homework Could Cause Negative Emotional Impact

Over three hours of it can stress kids out, trigger health issues and throw off life balance, a study notes. And it's hitting home, says a local teacher.

Being Gay in High School Today

Gay teens are one of the most targeted groups for bullying, with suicide rates higher than any other youth group. But local students hope it can get better.

The ‘Swiping’ Dare and Other Inappropriate Touching: What Parents Should Know

Inappropriate school dares led to suspensions for two Michigan students and has school administrators concerned. Here's what parents should know.

Making the Most of the Middle School Years

5 tips from the experts at The Roeper School on how to help your child navigate the pitfalls and embrace the opportunities of this transitional time in their education and development.

Gifted Students: The Best Approach to Educating Einstein

Keeping super-smart children engaged, motivated and accepted can be an incredible challenge. Learn how to help your gifted student.

Cyber-Bullying Increasing in Middle and High Schools, Study Says

A recent study found that cyber-bullying is on the rise at middle and high schools. Find out what it is, the harm is causes and how you can help.

What Does Michigan’s New 3rd Grade Reading Law Mean for Your...

Be prepared for changes that affect how your school district works to improve 3rd grade reading skills.