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Local Adult and Child Tutoring Services in Detroit

Detroit families in search of child tutoring services, college prep or homework help can start here. Find educational programs for adults, too.

English Language Learners (ELL) Resources, Programs in Detroit

For parents and students who live in Detroit and speak a first language such as Spanish, there various places to take English as a second language lessons.

Detroit College Prep Programs for High School Students and Beyond

Whether your child is in high school, middle or elementary school, it's never too early or late to help them prepare. Here are options right in the city of Detroit.

The Benefits of Watching Television as a Family

TV time with your kids can actually be a learning experience. Here's how tuning in to educational TV shows for kids as a family can be beneficial.

Tips to Make Watching TV a Learning Experience

Whether your kid is in preschool or high school, a bit of tube time can actually be educational. Here are some questions to ask kids about TV shows by age.

Helping Students End the School Year on a Strong Note

Warm weather can be distracting, but year-end learning is critical. With six smart tips, parents can help kids wrap that grade with an academic edge.

8 SAT Grammar Tips to Help Kids on the Test

Teens biting their nails over this College Board exam? Or, simply looking to brush up on English grammar rules for the test? Get help here!

Homework Help Websites

How about some foreign language assistance? Here are some surefire online guides that hunt down the answers parents and kids need when assignments get tough.

Win 10 Math Tutoring Sessions at Circuit Learning

This Bingham Farms spot helps kids with arithmetic in a super fun way. Win a back-to-school package of lessons! Deadline is Aug. 24, 2014.

Circuit Learning Center Helps Kids with Math

Find help for your child at this math-focused education center in Bingham Farms, which has a unique formula for teaching.

Finding School Tutoring Help for Your Child

Is your kid struggling in class? Two veteran teachers offer their tips for a parent whose son is having a tough time in middle school math and science.

Time for a Tutor?

Determine whether your struggling student just needs a boost or if an underlying issue could be cause for added help.