Family Activities

Craft Roundup: Projects to Get You Inspired

Whether your kids are mastering a new crafting skill or hunting for their next DIY creation, these five cool tutorials are sure to get the whole family fired up.

Upcycle Old T-Shirts into a Cool Scarf Accessory – VIDEO

This DIY project is a perfect way to repurpose a scrap T. Scissors are about all you need for this easy, cool how-to that kids - and moms! - will definitely dig.

Half-and-Half Paper Bouquet Craft for Mother's Day

Mix up cupcake liners with fresh flowers to make a one-of-a-kind DIY creation for mom that she'll love.

Craft Roundup: Let's Picnic

Time to gather up the kids, a blanket, some snacks and head to a southeast Michigan outdoor park for lunch! Here's some DIY gear to bring along.

Michigan Stamps and Crayons DIY Projects

Celebrate our state's big week in May by creating your own cool craft tools, including 'Mitten' and UP stampers and Michigan-shaped crayons kids will love.

Friendship Slap Bracelets Craft

Learn how to make this cool kids accessory that combines the best of the 1980s and '90s into one sweet DIY project.

Craft Roundup: Earth Friendly Projects

Keep the environmental vibes flowing in April and all year long with these four cool DIY repurposed creations that parents and kids can make.

Stamp Ink Pads 101

It sheer family crafting fun. But with so many choices, where to start? Here's a guide for parents and kids who are looking to make their DIY stamp on stuff.

Craft Roundup: Projects to Get You Inspired

From boards and bracelets to sock monkeys, this batch of DIY creations is inspired by the viral web sensation of the week - Caine's Arcade!

Neon Splatter Paint Art

Kids channel Jackson Pollock and '90s artsy goodness with this messy fun project that's so cool, parents will want to frame and hang it up in the family room!

Start Pinning with Pinterest to Unlock Creativity

Store and share all your family's favorite links in one spot - and get inspired by others! - with social media style organizing 'boards' that moms are loving.

Craft Roundup: All Weather Projects

Whether it feels like spring or summer this April, try one of these family DIY finds from the Make It blog to celebrate Easter, Passover - or just plain old fun.