Family Travel

Wisconsin Dells Waterpark Family Fun

Is your entire family ready to make a big splash? This water fun spot is a great weekend getaway for parents and kids in southeast Michigan.

Take a Trip to Toledo, Ohio

Southeast Michigan families will love all this town has to offer, from a science center and zoo to the Mud Hens and Tony Packo's.

Gettysburg Tips and Etiquette

A family vacation to this historically important American landmark can be a fun and educational trip for children.

Family Getaway to Chicago

The Windy City offers museums, fun on Navy Pier and more, a train trip away!

I Love Flying with My Girls

My girls are great travelers and love to fly. They're so good they almost make me enjoy it, too

I Love Cedar Point!

Taking my kids to a place I loved as a child brings up so many emotions.

I Hate Packing for Summer Trips

I love being on vacation. It's the family preparations that are no fun at all!

Little Passports

Get the world delivered to your family's door with this fun and educational mail subscription.

Tips for Taking Kids on a Summer Sail

Here's what parents should know if you're planning on taking a boating adventure in Michigan.

Vacationing with Teens

Get tips for planning a trip that will stop kids' grumbling and get them geeked about spending family time away.

How to Get a Passport for Your Child

Don't delay! Here are nine steps parents should follow to secure kids' passports in time for vacations and traveling.

I Love Family Vacations

If Mom isn't happy, NOBODY's happy. Maybe that's why going on vacations is so good for the whole family - I'm happy and relaxed!