Cooking Tips & Nutrition

Studies Raise Concern About Chemicals in Food

With news reports about chemicals in food, a local dietitian weighs in on how families can make sure their food is safe.

12 Jobs for Kids in the Kitchen

Whether you've got a toddler, elementary-age kid or teen, children of all ages can pitch in with the family food prep with these doable chores.

Basic Cooking Skills for Kids at Every Age

From preschool to high school, check out our age-by-age guide of basic cooking tasks your child can do.

No Fruit Juice for Toddlers Under Age 1, Guidelines Say

The American Academy of Pediatrics now suggests that children under the age of 12 months should not have any fruit juice, period. Here’s why and what to do.

Kids in Larger Families Less Likely to Be Obese, Study Says

A Beaumont psychologist weighs in on the new research and what parents should know.

Introducing Kids to Baking

Here's why it's important for children to learn this skill – plus ideas for baking activities for kids.

Most Parents Don’t Think They’re Raising Healthy Eaters

A new poll from the University of Michigan Health System finds only a third of parents believe they're doing a good job encouraging healthy eating.

Tips For Getting Your Kid to Like Vegetables

Parents don't need to hide veggies to get picky eaters to eat them, according to research. An expert weighs in with tips to help kids enjoy eating produce.

Easy, Healthy Kids Breakfast Ideas

It really is the most important meal of the day. Say 'no' to doughnuts and sugary cereals, and 'yes' to some of these healthy breakfast recipes for kids.

Holiday Meal Planning Tips

If you've gotta get the family fixings together in short order, use this advice from professional chefs on holiday meal planning.

The Benefits of Hosting a Cookie Exchange

Want to have a great variety of yummy holiday cookies, but don’t want all the work? Host a cookie exchange with family and friends!

Five Ways to Get Your Kids to Help with the Dishes

It's not always easy to get the kids motivated to help out with chores, especially dish duty and kitchen clean up. We've got some tips straight from a mom.