Cooking Tips & Nutrition

Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Here are some healthy holiday eating tips to help parents and kids enjoy food and drinks at those family parties without packing on pounds.

Alternatives to Soft Drinks for Kids

Curb your family's cravings for sugary, super-sweet, calorie-packed beverages with these five alternatives to soft drinks.

The Waste-Free Lunch Checklist for Parents

Get tips on packing your child a Zero Waste Lunch to take to school. Use this checklist to make sure you're on track.

Tips to Make Healthy Foods Taste Good to Kids

Wondering how to get kids to eat vegetables, fruits and good-for-you foods? Encourage healthy eating for kids with these tips from a local pediatrician.

10 Tips to Make Healthy Eating Fun for Kids

Struggling to get your children excited to try better foods? Try this advice, geared at parents with K-8 students at home, on how to make it more fun.

Tips to Make Family Meal Prep and Cooking Easier, Faster

Not smitten with the kitchen? Here's an alternative meal-prepping plan for feeding your kids healthy foods without slaving over the stove.

2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans: What Parents Need to Know

Reducing sugar intake is among the dietary advice for families, but what should you be eating to ensure a balanced, healthy lifestyle? Find out here.

How to Make Thanksgiving Dinner Less Stressful for Your Family

Here are a few ideas to help your family tame the Turkey Day cooking insanity and restore some of the gratitude to the holiday.

9 Things Young Kids Should NEVER Do in the Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen safety for kids, here are things they should not do, including handling raw meat. Plus, additional kitchen safety tips for kids.

Local Food Groups Stress Why Fresh Food is Best

Forget Detroit's reputation as a food desert. These local groups and programs are connecting kids with healthy food and habits to last a lifetime.

Panera Bread Bakers in Training Program Teaches Southeast Michigan Kids Kitchen...

Children enjoy a 'B.I.T' of baking and cooking fun with this class that's offered at various cafe locations in the metro Detroit region.

SWEET Artisan Marshmallow and Sweet Confections Boutique

The kid fave fluffy stuff goes gourmet, thanks to this mom-daughter duo that's offering natural and incredibly flavorful marshmallows to patrons in their store.