Cooking Tips & Nutrition

Awesome Kitchen Gadgets Mash Function with Funky Design

Now your family's cooking tools can be as sweet as what you make with 'em! Check out some of the coolest culinary must-haves for chefs of all ages.

Homegrown Food: A Family Trend in Southeast Michigan

From home gardens to farmers markets to organic produce, parents and kids are getting in on fresh, local choices, mindful of healthy eating and the environment.

Detroit Grocery Markets for Family Shopping

Think chains rule southeast Michigan? Think again. Detroit is home to mom and pop food stores, from Mexican fare to meats to breads, worth a visit!

Healthy Summer Eating for Kids: Tips and Recipe

Kids' BMIs can increase during vacation. Here's advice for parents on creating a healthier meal plan - and how to make a quick turkey, spinach and apple wrap.

Ban on Big Sodas Planned for New York City

Big Apple Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to ban soft drinks and other sugary beverages larger than 16 oz. from restaurants. But is there an appropriate serving size, really?

Obesity Not Linked to Junk Food in Schools

Study suggests unhealthy menus in middle school cafeterias aren't related to unhealthy weight gain in kids.

Should You Give Your Kid Chocolate Milk?

To most kids, chocolate milk is tastier than regular, but should you allow them to drink it? Dr. Robert M. Blum from Southfield Pediatrics weighs in.

Love & Hate: I Love My Little Egg Chef

My 10-year-old daughter has taken an interest in cooking for the first time since she ditched the Easy Bake.

Love & Hate: I Love Easy Dinners

Even the most un-housewifely among us gets all excited when we find a dish everyone will eat. Woo-hoo!

Gimme, Gimme!: Great Lakes Potato Chip Company Chips

Treat your taste buds to a vacation Up North with these salty snacks - which are made right here in Michigan.

The 'Dirty Dozen' Fruits and Vegetables

Beware picking up this produce: These 12 foods are top offenders when it comes to pesticides! Consider going organic when it comes to this list.

I Love Cereal

Sometimes as a mom, I so over-think the simple things that I become totally illogical. Like breakfast.