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Tips for Teaching Teens to Drive Safely

Searching for safe driving tips for teens? Firm rules, parental example and lots of practice are 'key' to helping kids be mindful on the road.

The Dangers of Leaving Kids Alone in Hot Cars

Parents know the consequences but it doesn't stop some from taking the risk, a new study says. What's the deal with this dangerous decision?

Parents Pass Down Their Car Brand Preference to Kids

According to a new study, whatever car you drive while your child still lives at home will likely impact the automobile purchases he makes when he's grown.

Are Crossovers Replacing Minivans for Moms?

It's the war of the wheels as the 'soccer mom' van stigma goes grill-to-grill with SUV-meets-station-wagon sexy. Either one will get the job done, but which do you prefer?

Meet Dad Bob Shuman, Walled Lake Car Dealer and Detroit Auto...

Known for his zany radio commercials, this local father of says he's driven by his teen kids, the North American International Auto Show - and cars.

The Teen Driving Decline in Southeast Michigan

A University of Michigan study shows fewer adolescents hold driver's licenses in the United States - and kids in the Motor City are definitely no exception.

Roller Derby Mom and Aero Engineer Suzy Cody

This Macomb County mom of two blows away the competition - on skates as a 'jammer' and at General Motors as a math and science savvy engineer.

Love & Hate: I Hate Backseat Drivers

Is there anything quite so harrowing as driving around with a bunch of kids in the backseat?

I Hate Minivans

I've driven a minivan in the past and there might be another in my future. But for now, I am thrilled to be driving a nice, normal midsized car!

Finding The Right Repair Shop

How it can help you get the most out of your car.

Car Maintenance Tips for Moms

10 tips to keep your engine humming.

I Hate the Inside of our Family Car

Sometimes I feel like I'm driving around in an old junk wagon. Sadly, I guess I am.