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2019 Kia Sedona

Are You Driving One of the ‘Most Dependable’ Vehicles?

Find out which vehicles made the cut, according to rankings from J.D. Power – and if they'd make your cut for a family car.
How to Winterize Your Family's Car

How to Winterize Your Family’s Car

Knowing how to winterize your family's car in metro Detroit is vital. Owners of two family-run garages in southeast Michigan share their top tips for drivers.
Collage of an SUV and minivan

Minivan vs. SUV: What’s Better for a Family?

The minivan vs. SUV question can be a big decision for parents. Find out how these family-sized vehicles compare for convenience, car seats and more.

Maxi-Cosi Launches First Car Seat With Built-In Airbags

The UK-made airbags, which are located in the shoulder pads of the car seat and deploy within 0.05 seconds of a collision, reduce neck and head stress in the event of a crash.

Minivan Makeover: Best New Family Features in SUVs, Crossovers, More

The ol' swagger wagon's more winsome than wince-worthy these days. Here's how today's fleet of SUVs, crossovers and, yes, minivans are giving families a whole new ride.

Tips to Avoid Leaving or Forgetting Children in Hot Cars

No matter what the weather, it's never safe to leave your kid unattended in a car. But during summer, heatstroke is a risk when kids are left in hot cars.

Car Seat Safety: What Michigan Parents Should Know

From infant seats to boosters, get the information you need on Michigan's laws and requirements – plus what safety organizations recommend.

Car Seat Coat Solution

A Michigan mom created this cozy product called The WarmMe. Learn more about it here.

Cool Minivans: The Best Minivans on the Market

These four models are tops when it comes to features families will love. Which one is your favorite?
Tips for Teaching Teens to Drive Safely

Tips for Teaching Teens to Drive Safely

Tackling the task of teaching teens to drive safely? Firm rules, parental example and lots of practice are 'key' to helping kids be mindful on the road.

The Dangers of Leaving Kids Alone in Hot Cars

Parents know the consequences but it doesn't stop some from taking the risk, a new study says. What's the deal with this dangerous decision?

Parents Pass Down Their Car Brand Preference to Kids

According to a new study, whatever car you drive while your child still lives at home will likely impact the automobile purchases he makes when he's grown.