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Simple and Fun Budgeting Activities for High School Students

Give your teen a head start for financial success — and spark his or her interest, too — with these fun budgeting activities for high school students.
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Millennials are Waiting Longer to Have Kids and Face Higher Costs

A recent report found that millennials are waiting longer to have kids but are still spending more money on them. Do these results surprise you?

The Back-to-School Item That Should Be On Every Parent’s List

The new school year is the perfect time to think about your child's college future. Let the Michigan Education Trust help your family prepare for higher education.

‘Invisible Dad’ Funds School Lunches for Kids in Need

A local father launched a project that now supports the entire Walled Lake school district. Learn how Invisible Dad works, and how you can do it, too.

5 Myths About College Savings Plans

The Michigan Education Trust weighs in on the common misconceptions families have about college savings plans – and offers the truth about these plans.

Start Saving for Your Baby’s Future College Now

Getting a jump on college savings with the Michigan Education Trust is key to setting your child up for success in his or her future.
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This Many American Adults Never Learned About Money as Kids

The bottom-line tally is a notable one-third. Whether you never learned about money or are a born pro, turn the trend by teaching kids these four money tips.
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How Outsourcing Chores May Save Your Marriage

A survey says 25 percent of marriages dissolve over housework – and that paying someone else to tackle a chunk of the grunt work might help change that.
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Extracurriculars Equal Debt for Parents, Study Finds

Some parents are going into debt to pay for their kids' activities, according to a recent study. What's going on – and is it worth it?

8 Ways to Save Cash on a Prom Dress

It's a big date – with a big price tag. Wondering how to save cash on a prom dress? Help your teen score a sweet, low-key thrify gown for the special occasion.
Financial compatibility test for couples

Financial Compatibility Test for Couples

Take our five-question financial compatibility test for couples to see whether mom and dad are a solid money match – or if some budgeting is in order.
Parents on furlough

Parents on Furlough: Handling Finances and Talking to Kids

Government shutdowns, like the federal one of early 2019, take a toll on families. Find tips for parents on furlough for managing money and kids' worries.