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Coupon Clipping 101: How to Save Your Family Big Money

Want to slash your family's grocery bill? The moms behind some savvy blogs say coupons are key. They dish their best tips for southeast Michigan parents.

How to Talk to Aging Parents About Their Future Care

It can be a sticky subject. But financial planning for elderly parents is crucial. Here are 10 tips on how to have a conversation with your mom or dad.

How to Give Your Kid an Allowance

Doing the mental math already giving you a headache? Never fear. Try these five doable tips to figure how much to dole out to your children.

Financial Compatibility Test for Couples

Take our five-question financial compatibility test for couples to see whether mom and dad are a solid money match, or if some budgeting is in order.

How to Stop Arguments About Money

Money issues in relationships are common, but there are ways to overcome these problems. Get tips here.

Teens on a Budget: Helping Kids Adjust to Less Holiday Gifts

Many kids might have hear 'no, no, no' to their holiday wishes this year. Here's how to help your adolescent adjust.

Raising a Business Savvy Kid: Advice for Parents

Your child could be the next big innovator of his or her generation. Here are seven tips for cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit in your kid.

Guidelines for Giving: Questions to Ask Nonprofit Organizations and Charities

Thinking of donating to a charitable organization this holiday season? Here are six questions to ask charities before you do.

8 Ways to Save Cash on a Prom Dress

The big dance is around the corner. Help your teen score a sweet gown for the special occasion – without making a big dent in the family budget.

How to Raise a More Cost Conscious Kid

Rusty on finances yourself? Here are 10 ways parents can help their children be careful and smart about their money, from expenses to savings.

Teaching Kids About Credit Cards

Here's what children should know about plastic purchases (hint: learning to manage money young has a big impact when they grow up!)

Prepaid Credit Cards and Kids

Is a prepaid 'credit' card right for your tween or teen? Some families are trying it and finding it can teach valuable lessons.