Family Finances

Teens on a Budget: Helping Kids Adjust to Less Holiday Gifts

Many kids might have hear 'no, no, no' to their holiday wishes this year. Here's how to help your adolescent adjust.

Raising a Business Savvy Kid: Advice for Parents

Your child could be the next big innovator of his or her generation. Here are seven tips for raising a business savvy kid with entrepreneurial chops.

Guidelines for Giving: Questions to Ask Nonprofit Organizations and Charities

Thinking of donating to a charitable organization this holiday season? Here are six questions to ask charities before you do.

How to Raise a More Cost-Conscious Kid

Rusty on finances yourself? Here are 10 ways parents can help their children be careful and smart about their money, from expenses to savings.

Teaching Kids About Credit Cards

Here's what children should know about plastic purchases (hint: learning to manage money young has a big impact when they grow up!)

Prepaid Credit Cards and Kids

Is a prepaid 'credit' card right for your tween or teen? Some families are trying it and finding it can teach valuable lessons.

Debt’s Impact on Kids

A first-of-its-kind study takes a close look at how your debt affects your children's socio-emotional well-being – some types worse than others.

Money Problems in Marriage: Navigating Different Financial Styles

Are you and your spouse financially incompatible? Dollar drama doesn't have to cause family strife. Here's advice and tips on how to work on money problems in marriage.

Family Finance Checklist

Getting finances in order doesn't have to be difficult. Here, a local financial planner weighs in with a financial planning checklist.

Tips to Reduce Family Spending and Tighten Up Your Budget

April is Family Finance Month, the perfect time to get your money in order. Learn how to slash expenses and save more cash for the future, you and the kids.

Young and Free Spokester Elizabeth 'Ebeth' Fielder

The 2014 Young and Free Spokester for Michigan First Credit Union and Dearborn native talks about her finances, and gives advice for families, too.

Tax Tips for Parents: Deductions and Credits to Know About

April 15 is the IRS tax filing deadline, aka Tax Day. Whether you've got a baby or a college kid, here's how to get the most out of your income tax returns.