Family Finances

Money Problems in Marriage: Navigating Different Financial Styles

Are you and your spouse financially incompatible? Dollar drama doesn't have to cause family strife. Here's advice and tips on how to work on money problems in marriage.

2016 Family Finance Checklist

Getting finances in order doesn't have to be difficult. Here, a local financial planner weighs in with a financial planning checklist.

Tips to Reduce Family Spending and Tighten Up Your Budget

April is Family Finance Month, the perfect time to get your money in order. Learn how to slash expenses and save more cash for the future, you and the kids.

Young and Free Spokester Elizabeth 'Ebeth' Fielder

The 2014 Young and Free Spokester for Michigan First Credit Union and Dearborn native talks about her finances, and gives advice for families, too.

Tax Tips for Parents: Deductions and Credits to Know About

April 15 is the IRS tax filing deadline, aka Tax Day. Whether you've got a baby or a college kid, here's how to get the most out of your income tax returns.

How to Save Money for College in Small, Simple Ways

Saving $25 (or more) every month to put toward your kid's future tuition rates is very doable. Here are 20 steps to help parents get started.

Eight Ways to Outsmart Overspending

Got a bad habit (or two) that's keeping the family green in the red? A can-do mom offers a reality check with savvy ways to save your money.

Love & Hate: I Hate the Economy

Many of the things we do as parents, we chose to do so carefully. But often the most difficult times come when we have no choices at all.

Library Resources to Help You Save Money

Public libraries in southeast Michigan are a great pool of information for the entire family, from kids to teens to parents.

Save Money by Eating at Home

Achieve your family health goals - and save some money - by preparing and cooking more of your kids' meals at home.

Your Guide to Managing Family Finances

Nine tips for getting on track financially – and setting good money examples for your kids in the process.