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Illustration of the Detroit skyline

Hot Hoods: Awesome Hidden Gem Neighborhoods in Southeast Michigan

From Foxtrot to East English Village and Maywood Estates, take a look at a few of Southeast Michigan's most family-friendly neighborhoods.
Two hands getting hand sanitizer out of a jug

Homemade Cleaning Products to Help Fight Germs

Having trouble finding bleach or disinfecting spray at your local shops? These homemade cleaning products recipes can help keep your home clean.
An organized white and light blue kitchen

KonMari for Families: Tidying Tips for Your Home

Are you sick of the clutter always coming back? Two experts of the popular Japanese tidying method offer their tips on using KonMari for families.

7 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Move

Has your family outgrown your current home? Here, Mark Boettcher, owner of Lawyers Realty, offers insight on when it’s time to relocate and what steps you should take when you decide to sell your current house or move.
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Managing Kids’ Collections: Tips for Parents

Many kids love gathering things. Whether it's Shopkins or stamps, though, managing kids' collections is also important. Here's how to keep stashes in check.
An Alex home help device sitting on a shelf in front of a mirror

Sorry, Alexa: Kids Just Don’t Trust You

A new study sheds light on the sources of information children trust most. Find out why kids don't trust Alexa along with five other things kids don't trust.
A robot vacuum cleaners rolling under a person's feet in purple socks

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Families

Household mess got you stressed? Pack away your traditional vacuum and let a robot vacuum cleaner take care of your home any time of year.
Woman hugging man in front of card boxes while holding keys

Tips on How to Buy Your First Home

You're in the market for your first house. It's so exciting but also really daunting. If you're feeling lost, check out this expert advice on how to buy your first home.
Snow on the roof of a house with icicles forming

How to Winterize a House: Tips and Advice

Winter is officially on its way, so what are the tips on how to winterize a house? We spoke to a plumbing, electrical and heating and cooling expert for the answers.
Zero-waste products on a white background

Going Zero-Waste as a Family

Consciously reducing waste can seem impossible for busy families. Rachel Engel will help you realize your family’s potential to help the planet and offers practical tips on going zero-waste.
A fire detector on a white ceiling surrounded by smoke

Home Fire Safety Tips for Families

Fires can break out quickly. Is your family aware of key home fire safety measures that could save lives? Be informed, and brush up on these tips often.
Illustrations of brown houses in blue water

Flooding Finances, Backpack Stats and Other September Facts

Learn what habits can lessen your chances of developing Alzheimer's, how heavy a backpack can be before hurting your child and other September facts.