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How to Make Wi-Fi Stronger in Your Family’s Home

Using multiple devices in your home should make your life easier, not harder. Check out these pro tips on how to make Wi-Fi stronger at your place.

7 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Move

Has your family outgrown your current home? Here, Mark Boettcher, owner of Lawyers Realty, offers insight on when it's time to relocate and what steps you should take when you decide to sell your current house.

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale With Your Kids

With these ideas, an at-home summer sale can become a fun financial family lesson. Get tips on how to have a successful garage sale with the kids here.

Should Kids Have Chores?

Fed up with nagging and pleading your kids to pitch in around the house? Here's why kids should have chores and how to get your kids to do them, too.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

It's definitely one of the most used rooms in the house and can become the messiest. Get the kids to help you reorganize the kitchen with this spring cleaning checklist.

Age-Appropriate Chores for Children

It turns out that doing chores could help your kids become more successful adults. Here are some age-appropriate chores to do around the house for kids ages 2 and older.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Families definitely need a good night's rest after a long day, so why not spruce up your sleep space? We've got a spring cleaning checklist for you to use!

How to Get Rid of Old Toys Without Upsetting Kids

It takes some bartering to get kids to tidy up. But what if your child simply can't bear to bid old stuff adieu?

Why a Mess Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

Seven lessons your kids are learning from mud pies, piles of Play-Doh and disaster-area bedrooms.

Tips for Getting Your Home Organized

Buried in clutter and housework? Sprucing your family's roost is a manageable feat with these simple tips for getting your home organized from Michigan pros.

How to Get a Grip on Household Chores

Want to finally kick the clutter, grime and disorganization in your family's home? Go for the gusto with these realistic tips to tackling household chores.

Managing Kids’ Collections

Kids love to keep stuff. Here's how to keep those stashes in check, how to de-clutter kid's toys and store them in your family's home.