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Tips for Having a Successful Garage Sale with your Kids

With these ideas, an at-home summer sale can become a fun financial family lesson. Get tips on how to organize a garage sale with the kids here.

Do Your Chores: Why Kids Should Pitch in at Home

Fed up with nagging and pleading? It is possible to get your kids to pitch in, and it's good for them, too.

Benefits of Chores for Kids – and Parents

Tips on the 'best age' to start, how much to delegate and motivate and why they ultimately prepare your children to survive in the world.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Haven't kept up on scrubbing your tub or shower? Now is the time to clean up this much-used space with these helpful tips.

Garage Spring Cleaning Checklist

You just don't park your car there! This space does serious double duty as family storage space. Get everyone involved in cleaning it up with these tips.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Families definitely need a good night's rest after a long day, so why not spruce up your sleep space? We've got a spring cleaning checklist for you to use!

Kids Playroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Your little ones have tons of toys and games, so it's time to get everything organized with a little help. Take a peek at our spring cleaning checklist.

Living Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

It's a formal spot in the house mainly used for entertaining that gets less foot traffic daily. Get it clean thanks to this living room cleaning checklist.

Basement Spring Cleaning Checklist

Whether it's leftover holiday decor or old toys, this spot in your home becomes the catchall for your family's stuff. Organize it this season with these tips.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist

It's definitely one of the most used rooms in the house and can become the messiest. Get the kids to help you reorganize the kitchen with these tip.

Top 10 Green Goofs: Is Your Family Making Eco Mistakes?

From pizza boxes to tips on light bulbs, plastic, compost and weatherizing your home, discover slip-ups you and the kids can fix!

Age Appropriate Chores for Children

It turns out that doing chores could make your kids become more successful adults. Here are some chores to do around the house for kids ages 2 and older.