Home Care & Maintenance

OneNative.org signs on a plant-like background

OneNative.org is Berkley Mom’s Green Lawns Mission

Local mompreneur educates others on the harmful affects of pestisides and other lawn care chemicals through her organization, OneNativ.org.
Bees pollinating flowers in a field

Bees Pollinating Flowers, Strawberry Stats and Other June Facts

Learn some fun June facts including info about bees pollinating flowers, how many strawberries went into the largest shortcake, Garfield stats and more.
Tips for Having a Garage Sale with Your Kids

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale With Your Kids

With these ideas, an at-home summer sale can become a fun financial family lesson. Get tips on how to have a successful garage sale with the kids here.
A woman peeking into a tidy closet

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Families definitely need a good night's rest after a long day, so why not spruce up your sleep space? We've got a bedroom spring cleaning checklist for you to use.
A parent helps their child wash the dishes

Age-Appropriate Chores for Children

It turns out that doing chores could help your kids become more successful adults. Here are some age-appropriate chores to do around the house for kids ages 2 and older.
Tree-filled backyard with a patio set and stone pavers

Tips for Easy Outdoor Spring Spruce-Ups

If your family backyard could use a little lift, check out these home trends, improvements and projects for outdoor spring spruce-ups from Lowe's.
Pasta and spaghetti sauce fell on a carpet.

Seriously Damaged or Stained Floors Reality for Most Families

A UK survey finds a high percentage of families have seriously damaged or stained floors – all thanks to kids. Things aren't so different over here.
The benefits of messy play

The Benefits of Messy Play for Kids

What are the benefits of messy play? Here are seven lessons your kids are learning from mud pies, piles of Play-Doh and disaster-area play rooms.
Tips for getting your home organized

Tips for Getting Your Home Organized

Buried in clutter and housework? Sprucing your family's roost is a manageable feat with these simple tips for getting your home organized from Michigan pros.
Displaying kids artwork

Saving and Displaying Kids’ Artwork With Flair

Got a creative kid who practically needs a gallery? Here are some tips on safekeeping and displaying kids' artwork – and turning it from piles into treasures to enjoy.
getting a grip on household chores

Getting a Grip on Household Chores

Want to finally kick the clutter, grime and disorganization in your family's home? Go for the gusto with these realistic tips to tackling household chores.
Treehouse building rules and tips

Treehouse Building Rules and Tips for Families in Michigan

Avoid the red tape when building a treehouse for your kids. Learn the common pitfalls, materials to use and other treehouse building rules and advice.