Home Care & Maintenance

Rethinking Household Chores

Women still have the lion's share of responsibility for housework and child care. Is there any hope of getting a better balance between the sexes?

How to Clean Out Your Closet

Whether it's a seasonal wardrobe shift or time to tackle the toy storage, try these eight tips to tidy your family's home.

Laundry Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents

How to improve your laundry routine, remove difficult stains and how to keep clothes looking new.

The Container Store in Novi Helps Keep Families Organized

This is the chain's first Michigan location. Read more about its offerings here.

Fire Pit Safety Tips for Families

Safety mishaps and breached fire codes can result in more than burnt marshmallows. Check out these outdoor fire pit safety tips to keep your family safe.

Living Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

It's a formal spot in the house mainly used for entertaining that gets less foot traffic daily. Get it clean thanks to this living room spring cleaning checklist.

Plant Safety for Kids

What are poisonous plants for kids? What should do if a child ingests one? Get details, plus some safer plant alternatives to choose with children around.

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Tips

Spruce up your house without all the chemicals with these five green house cleaning tips.

Tips for Easy Outdoor Spring Spruce Ups

If your family backyard could use a little lift, check out these home trends, improvements and projects for parents from Lowe's.

Home Ec 'Life Skills' Lessons – at Home

Child's school not delivering the 411 on cooking, money and other important life skills? We've got you covered in the home ec department.

Four-Day Plan for Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving

The key to hosting the perfect Thanksgiving, is preparation. Here, the owners of Simply Good Kitchen in Birmingham offer their four-day plan to make hosting Turkey Day easier.

How to Be a Good Neighbor

Six tips for ensuring you don't spark a Hatfield & McCoys relationship in your hood – and maybe even make some friends.