Kid Friendly Recipes

Kid-Friendly Crab Meat Recipes

Mix more seafood into your dinner dishes with these recipes with crab meat.

Mother’s Day French Toast Recipe Ideas

Indulge mom with these yummy homemade French toast recipes – including baked French toast and almond-crusted French toast.

Vegetarian Cinco de Mayo Recipes for Families

Need ideas for Cinco de Mayo food but looking for some non-meat meals? You're covered with these delicious vegetarian recipes.

Dessert Recipes Using Cake Mix

Make a box cake better and turn it into something new with these six ideas – from cake mix cookies to cake batter cinnamon rolls.

Kid-Friendly Artichoke Recipes

Ever wondered how to cook an artichoke? Find out here, plus get recipes for stuffed artichokes, spinach artichoke chicken and more.

Easter Bunny Recipes

Looking for some last-minute Easter treats to bake? Get hopping with these fun bunny goodies.

Homemade Easter Candy: Egg-Shaped Treats

Forget hardboiled and make egg-shaped candies this year! Here are five Easter treats to make at home with your kids.

April Fools’ Day Recipes to Give Your Family a Fun Surprise

Is it cake or pizza? Jell-O or juice? It's time to trick your kids with these sneaky, silly recipes to celebrate April 1.

Recipes for Vegetarian Sliders

Add some color – and nutrition – with these mini wonders made with vegetables.

Winter Citrus Salad Recipes for Families

Oranges and grapefruits lighten up salads and give you a taste of summer a little earlier! Try one of these citrus salad recipes.

Healthy Alternatives for Sweet-Craving Kids

Got a child that loves chocolate chip cookies or ice cream? Satisfy his or her cravings for sweets without all of the sugar by making these healthy swaps.

St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Recipes

Green chocolate chip cookies, shamrock cookies and more – party in green with these clever recipes for cookies.