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An empty classroom full of desks

COVID-19 Outbreaks at Michigan Schools

The state of Michigan is tracking outbreaks at our schools and colleges. Here are the latest COVID outbreaks at schools in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor.
Little girl in pink shirt sitting in the grass while meditating with her eyes closed a

Body Scan Meditation Techniques for Kids

Stress affects children in a variety of ways. Luckily, it's never too early (or late) to manage it. Learn how body scan meditation can help kids relax and unwind.
Girl in a mask reaching for a party favor while sitting next to a birthday cake

How to Throw a COVID-Friendly Birthday Party

Missing a birthday during COVID is the pits. So don't skip it. Throw your child a COVID-friendly birthday party instead.
Child missing a tooth holding her missing tooth

10 Tooth Fairy Ideas for Your Child’s First Lost Tooth

Looking for ways to make your child's first lost tooth magical? Check out these 10 fun and creative tooth fairy ideas from Pinterest.
Little girl gettin an eye exam

Pediatric Ophthalmologist vs. Optometrist: Are All Eye Doctors the Same?

Find out why a pediatric ophthalmologist is better suited for your child's eyes – and when it's OK to take him to an optometrist.
Woman helping a girl with Down's syndrome on a laptop

Helping Kids with Learning Disabilities Navigate Online School

Virtual school can be difficult for parents and students, especially when kids need extra support. Here are some tips to help students with learning disabilities tackle online school.
Woman at a spa with cucumbers on her eyes

Ways to Make Self-Care a Priority During Stressful Times

Does taking time for you seem impossible? Here's how parents can and should fit self-care into their busy lives in order to be there fully for their families.
Woman helping a young girl on a laptop

Helping Kids Pay Attention During Virtual School

Learning in front of a screen presents a new set of challenges for our kids. Here are eight ways you can help them focus and pay attention during virtual school.
The back of a child, dressed as a witch, walking among yellow and orange trees.

10 Trick-or-Treating Alternatives to Try This Halloween

Looking for safe trick-or-treating alternatives to celebrate Halloween this year? We've got you covered with 10 fun ideas.
Images from two shows that hit streaming services in October

Best Family Movies and Shows That Just Hit Streaming Services in October

Looking for something that the whole family can watch together? Check out these 12 movies and shows that just hit streaming services.
Illustration of a woman giving herself a breast exams. Shayna Whiteside in the corner

Local Mom and Cancer Survivor Reminds Women to Give Themselves Breast Exams

One local mom and entrepreneur is reminding other women to give themselves consistent breast exams after being diagnosed with breast cancer herself.
The end of two shopping carts running into one another

A Divine Calling: The Importance of Forgiveness

Metro Parent's COO talks about an incident she had with an angry lady at Costco and the importance of forgiving others, even when you feel they don't deserve it.