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The New Normal: COVID-19 Etiquette for Leaving the House

What is considered rude in the age of COVID-19? An infectious disease expert and local grocery store manager offer their covid-19 etiquette tips and how to act in public.
Girl getting a shot from her doctor

The Current CDC Vaccine Schedule for Children

One important way to keep kids healthy is to follow the current CDC vaccine schedule for kids. Here's the Centers for Disease Control's 2020 guidelines.

5 Things to Know About the Neurology/Neurosurgery Epilepsy Program at Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Learn why it's essential to choose a medical team experienced in advanced diagnostic and treatment options.

Daily Picks for Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor Families At Home: Aug. 3-7

Looking for something fun to do from home this week? We've got a list of daily picks for your family to try while under the Stay Home, Stay Safe order.
Headshot of the New CEO

New CEO Readies Children’s Hospital of Michigan to Be The Best in Children’s Care

We sat down with the new CEO of Children's Hospital of Michigan to learn a bit about her and what she's planning for the future of children's health care in Michigan.
Ann illustration of a shot on a green and teal background

CDC Reminds Parents to Get Their Kids Vaccinated Before School Starts

August is National Immunization Month. In honor of the occasion, the CDC explains why it's important to get kids caught up on their shots this year.
Kids in a tent in a living room

Simple Summer Switch-Ups: How to Loosen Your Rules for the Sake of Fun

Local parents are loosening up on traditional house rules in the name of fun and memory-making. Here's how they're doing it.
An illustration of a teacher reading a book on a computer screen

A Parent’s Guide to School Online

Keeping your child home this fall? Prepare for the school year and help your child get the most out of digital learning with this guide to online school.
Sad child looking out a window

What Parents Need to Know About Coronavirus in Detroit, Ann Arbor and Beyond

Does COVID-19 have you feeling confused and helpless? Take control by learning everything that parents need to know about coronavirus in Detroit and beyond with this handy roundup.
Illustration of a Black person talking to a therapist

Prioritizing Mental Health for People of Color

The gap for minority communities receiving quality mental health care has been long-known but current events make it more critical to address. Here's what needs to be done.

Best Family Movies and Shows Streaming This August

Have you binged your way through your favorite flicks and shows? Have no fear, we have you covered with this list of new movies and shows streaming this August.
A young girl looking out closed blinds

How to Overcome FOGO: A Fear of Going Out

FOGO, or the fear of going out, is a common worry for parents during the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some expert tips to keep calm as you start going out again.