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How to Maintain Healthy Sleep Habits During the Holidays

A local expert shares tips for healthy sleep habits during the holiday season and preventing extra holiday stress due to overtired kids.

The ‘Season’ for Postpartum Depression

A new study says the condition is more common in certain seasons and among women who did not have an epidural. A local expert weighs in.

Parenting a Child with Tourette’s Syndrome

Learn about this misunderstood syndrome and how to get help for a child who is struggling.

Contact Sports and Adolescent Concussions

Many young athletes who play football and similar sports have had at least one concussion, the University of Michigan reports. What are the signs?

Ann Arbor Dad Pens ‘100 Reasons to Live’ Book About Teen...

This local psychologist discusses his inspiration for the book and offers three of his reasons to live.

How to Make Kids’ Eye Exams Less Scary

Pediatric orthoptist Judy Petrunak of Children's Eye Care offers tips on how to make kids feel at ease, and how her local practice employs a unique 'more toys, less tears' approach to care.

Tackle Football Before Age 12 Linked to Behavior Problems

A recent study found that tackle football may lead to long-term 'neurobehavioral consequences.'

A Cold or the Flu? How Parents Can Tell the Difference

An expert from Children's Hospital of Michigan explains what sets these two illnesses apart and when parents should be concerned.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice

Metro Detroit lice removal experts prepare you for what to do if you encounter lice in your household – and how to get rid of lice.

The Reasons for Loss of Libido After Giving Birth

Emotional and physical factors impact a mom's loss of libido post-childbirth. How can you get back on track with your spouse?

10 Scariest Foods & Drinks for Kids’ Teeth

Delta Dental offers information on the worst offenders.

What’s Your Breast Cancer Risk? How to Find Out

With changing mammogram recommendations and uncertainty over risk factors, a local expert with the DMC Medical Group offers guidance.