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Tackle Football Before Age 12 Linked to Behavior Problems

A recent study found that tackle football may lead to long-term 'neurobehavioral consequences.'

A Cold or the Flu? How Parents Can Tell the Difference

An expert from Children's Hospital of Michigan explains what sets these two illnesses apart and when parents should be concerned.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice

Metro Detroit lice removal experts prepare you for what to do if you encounter lice in your household – and how to get rid of lice.

Cold & Flu Season Returns: A Local Doc Answers Your Top...

Is that cough ‘normal’? Is this fever too high? Find out what a Beaumont pediatrician says all parents should know this cold and flu season.

Michigan Vaccination Laws: What Parents Should Know

Not sure what the Michigan immunization requirements are – or what changes have been made to the Michigan immunization waiver form? We've got the scoop, plus what it means for parents who are choosing to opt out.

Physical Therapists for Children in Southeast Michigan

Our readers recommended these local kids physical therapy specialists. Make an appointment with one of these top physical therapists for kids.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Masturbation

For young teens, masturbation isn't uncommon. But for parents, it can be a difficult topic. Here are tips for talking about masturbation.

What to Do When Children Fake Sick

Why do kids put on the act? Here, parents can get some insight into the reasons their students want to skip school, and what they can do.

Protecting Kids From Food-Related Choking Hazards

Learn what choking hazards hide in your child's diet, find out how to prevent your child from choking on their food and what to do if it happens.

Best Family Care Physicians in Southeast Michigan

Some of the best doctors in Michigan are right here in southeast Michigan, according to these reader recommendations. Browse these family care physicians.

Why Kids Should Never Ignore Testicular Pain

Testicular pain in children can be extremely serious, a Children's Hospital of Michigan urologist says. Here's what parents need to know.

Restricting Kids’ Bathroom Breaks at School is Bad Policy, Urologist Says

A top urologist from the Children's Hospital of Michigan shares what parents should know about school bathroom access and why 'holding it' is a bad idea.