Children's Health

SIDS Awareness and Prevention for Infants

Unexpected and inexplicable, sudden infant death syndrome is a terrifying thought for new parents. Learn more about the risks and how to protect your baby.

Families Unknowingly Buying Foreclosed Homes Once Used as Meth Labs, Getting Sick

Unsuspecting parents across the country are moving into bargain houses with shady drug pasts - and becoming very ill. How can southeast Michigan families avoid the same fate?

Small Turtle Family Pets Causing Salmonella Concerns

Kids across the U.S. are getting sick from these tiny retiles. Learn about this growing problem and how to prevent an outbreak from happening in your home.

Cases of Whooping Cough on the Rise in Kids

Recent outbreaks of pertussis in Michigan and nationwide have caused widespread concern about the disease. How can you protect your child this school year?

Vaccine Immunizations Your Kids May Need

Henry Ford Health System Dr. Shehla Jaffery discusses different shots that might be necessary for your entire family.

Teens and Drugs – K2 and Spice are Banned, but What Fix is Next?

Drug du jour K2 is now illegal in Michigan. But that doesn't mean parents can rest easy. What's at the heart of teen drug use? And what can families and communities do?

Dogs May Help Prevent Childhood Asthma

Pet dander can build kids' immune systems and possibly prevent some respiratory issues, says a new University of California-San Francisco study.

Sun Safety 101

Henry Ford doctor gives tips on protecting your kids from summer rays.

Caring for Common Childhood Illnesses

Henry Ford doctor offers advice for treating the common cold, flu and ear infections in children.

Choosing a Doctor for Your Newborn

Henry Ford doctor offers advice on picking the right health care expert for your baby.

Little Girl Gets Spirit of Detroit Award for Helping Kids

Rielly Rudolph, 5, painted pumpkins to brighten up Halloween for youth at Children's Hospital of Michigan - and earned big props in her hometown.

Sunscreen in Winter? Why It's Key for Kids, All Year Long

It's not just for summer. Avoid burns and protect your kids from the risk of melanoma with proper sun protection, whatever the weather.