Children's Health

Give Your Health Care Heroes a (Virtual) Hug or Message

Southeast Michigan doctors and nurses are working hard. Our virtual hugs for health care heroes gallery is here to thank them and lift their spirits!

Developmental Milestones in Children

A Henry Ford Health System pediatrician weighs in on fine and gross motor skills, plus other developmental milestones.

The Best Laid Plans: Coronavirus and Metro Parent

Metro Parent's editor-in-chief discusses how and why even the best laid plans fell through this April along with some of the COVID-19 resources available at

Kids’ Poop: What’s Healthy?

It's a messy business. But kid's poop is a key indicator of health. Here is some advice to help parents get to the bottom of normal bowel movements in children.
how to teach your child to blow their nose

How to Teach Kids to Blow Their Nose

This cold-weather staple seems simple when you already know how, but for children it can be trickier to master. Here's how to teach kids to blow their nose.

Epilepsy Awareness: Signs and Treatment

A board-certified pediatric epileptologist and clinical neurophysiologist at the Children's Hospital of Michigan offers insight and advice for parents.
Child's hands pumping soap

Don’t Freak Out (Just) Yet: A Worried Parent’s Guide to Coronavirus

As coronavirus, or COVID-19, reaches metro Detroit, families are concerned. What should we do? What about our kids? A Romulus mom offers perspective.
A vial that says "coronavirus" in a green container

Coronavirus Concerns: What Parents Need to Know

As coronavirus, or COVID-19, reaches pandemic levels, it's important to stay safe and focus on facts. Here's what southeast Michigan parents need to know.
Gloved hand holding a test tube that says caronavirus

Two Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed in Southeast Michigan

It's official: Coronavirus has made its way to Michigan. Find out what this means and how health officials says you can protect your family.

When Visiting a Pediatric Cardiologist is Wise

Here, the Chief of Cardiology, Dr. Gautam Singh, at Children's Hospital of Michigan shares signs and symptoms to look out for in your child.
Illustration of four smiling germs

How to Protect Kids From Germs

Big kids have big opportunities to touch and pass all sorts of germs every day. Where are germs commonly found? Learn more, plus find tips on how to protect kids from germs.
Child laying on couch blowing his nose

Sick Day Survival: Tips for Soothing Your Sick Child

Cold or flu got the kids home from school? Local parents share sick day survival tips with these seven ways to add a little TLC to a day or two at home.