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For Your Child’s Teeth: Top Dentists and Orthodontists

Trusting your family's smile to just the right dental or orthodontic team is important. Here, we share some great information about family dental health, courtesy of Metro Parent's advertising partners.

Why Choose a Small Family Dental Practice?

Dr. Frank Petruzzello of Briarwood Family Dental in Sterling Heights shares some reasons why you might wish to consider a small practice for your family's dental care.

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Care for Kids

Think 7 or 8 years old is too soon to start orthodontic treatment? Think again. It’s the ideal time, says Dr. G. Michael Kabot, D.D.S., M.S. Read on for more about early treatment.

The One Surprising Thing That Can Make Your Child Healthier

Dr. Nancy Hartrick shares the surprising impact on your child's dental health and overall wellness, controlled simply by how your child breathes.
Tooth Fairy Ideas for Children's Dental Month

10 Tooth Fairy Ideas for Your Child’s First Lost Tooth

Looking for ways to make your child's first lost tooth magical? Check out these 10 fun and creative tooth fairy ideas from Pinterest.

Top Dentists and Orthodontists in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

From orthodontics to holistic dental care and more, Metro Parent's advertising partners can help keep your family's smiles healthy.

Finding Art at the Dentist

Dr. Majella Caven of Anchor Family Dentistry in Commerce Township explains how a love of art inspired her career choice – and how it could do the same for your kids.

Child Wetting the Bed? The Solution Could Start at the Dentist’s Office

Here, Dr. Rima Bazzi of Contemporary Dentistry discusses the correlation and how she helps young patients overcome these issues.

The Impact of Candy on Your Child’s Braces

With Halloween just around the corner, kids who are going through orthodontic treatment might need to reevaluate what they eat from their trick-or-treat stash.

Tips for a Healthy Smile

What your child eats and drinks plays a huge role in his or her dental – and overall – health. Here, Dr. Steve Rollins of Summit Dental Group in Waterford offers advice for healthy snacking, especially when kids are at school.

7 Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Dr. Majella Caven of Anchor Family Dentistry in Commerce Township offers advice on keeping your child's smile healthy.

Cavity Prevention Tips for Children

Protecting your child's baby teeth is key to keeping cavities at bay – and it only requires a few simple steps. Here, Dr. Steven Rollins of Summit Dental Group in Waterford offers advice on brushing habits, diet and more.