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Little girl gettin an eye exam

Pediatric Ophthalmologist vs. Optometrist: Are All Eye Doctors the Same?

Find out why a pediatric ophthalmologist is better suited for your child's eyes – and when it's OK to take him to an optometrist.
Pair of blue glasses for kids on a white background

Best Glasses for Kids

Not sure which companies make the best glasses for kids? Consider these brands and styles if you're in the market for prescription glasses for your child.
A colorblindness test on a white background

Color Deficiency and Colorblindness in Kids

Can your child see the number in the circle shown here? If not, it could be time for a trip to the ophthalmologist. Learn more about colorblindness in kids.
Photo of boy inside a camera with a gold glow in eye

Kids with Gold Eye in Digital Photos Could Have Disease

A glowing gold eye in digital photos can be a sign of childhood eye disease. The Know the Glow campaign aims to educate parents whose kids may be at risk.
Pair of glasses on top of an eye exam chart on a light blue background

Tips and Advice for Buying Kids Glasses Online

Ever considered purchasing kids glasses online? A local optometrist offers insight into the process – and what to be cautious of.

Your Child is Struggling in School – But Why?

Two representatives from Vision Specialists of Michigan say the cause of your child's learning difficulties may not be what you think.

How to Make Kids’ Eye Exams Less Scary

Pediatric orthoptist Judy Petrunak of Children's Eye Care offers tips on how to make kids feel at ease, and how her local practice employs a unique 'more toys, less tears' approach to care.

Kids Vision or Learning Issue?

Pediatric orthoptist Mary DeYoung-Smith explains how to tell the difference in your child.

6 Bigger Dangers to Your Child’s Eyes Than the Eclipse

A Children’s Eye Care doctor warns parents about some of the most common eye injury risks for kids.

Perfect Family Vision

From infants to teens, here's your guide to keeping kids' eyes healthy at all ages and stages.

Contact Lenses for Infants

A pediatric ophthalmologist with Children's Eye Care discusses why babies may need contacts and how parents should care for them.
Tips for Buying Kids Prescription Glasses

5 Tips for Buying Kids Prescription Glasses

There are quite a few things to consider when picking out prescription glasses for kids, including materials, fit and more.