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Kids Safety & Urgent Care

An open drawer reveals a gun that a child is reaching for

Study: Despite Risks, Doctors Don’t Talk to Kids About Gun Safety

A recent study found physicians aren’t necessarily following the recommendations for this talk. Plus, tips for keeping your kids safe.

Protecting Kids From Scalds and Burns

Burn hazards can be found all over your home, yet many are often overlooked. Here, an expert with the Kohl's SAFE 4 Kids program offers advice on how to protect your kids.

Keeping Kids Safe in the Car

Car safety goes beyond buckling up. In fact, there's a lot parents should know before hitting the road. An expert with the Kohl's SAFE 4 Kids Program explains.

Would You Consider Buying a Children’s Bulletproof Backpack?

Is a children's bulletproof backpack a back-to-school 'staple'? At very least, it's now an option for many parents shopping for kids' school supplies.

Open-Water Drowning Risk for Kids is Rising

While pool drownings are dropping, accidents in natural bodies of water are not – and boys ages 15-19 are at highest risk. Here's how to keep all kids safe from open-water drowning this summer.
Small blocks with numbers and letters

Kids Swallowing More Foreign Objects Now Than 20 Years Ago

It's a growing danger for today's kids, a study says. What's going on with kids swallowing more foreign objects – and what are the top offenders?
Baby in red plaid touching an outlet cover

Child Be Safe Outlet Covers Make Baby Safety Simple

A Northville couple got sick of standard outlet covers, which pose a risk and never really work, so they invented Child Be Safe Outlet Covers to fit their household needs.
Illustrations of an ambulance, first aid kit and heart on a pink background

Non-Urgent Medical Services that are Available at Urgent Care

Want to know the non-urgent medical services that are available at urgent care? You might be surprised at what these walk-in clinics can provide families.
A cartoon image of a shark surrounded by bubbles and 'baby shark' lyrics

EMT Dad Uses ‘Baby Shark’ to Teach Toddler CPR

The catchy kids’ song ‘Baby Shark’ serves a purpose beyond getting stuck in your head. It could help your child learn how to save a life.

ER or Pediatrician’s Office?

When is your child's ailment worth a trip to the emergency room and when is a visit to his or her pediatrician the remedy?

Helping Youth in Crisis

Families in Oakland County can receive support through the Oakland Community Health Network's New Oakland Mobile Crisis Team and Youth Assistance programs.
Why Parents Should Consider Urgent Care Sports Physicals

Why Parents Should Consider Urgent Care Sports Physicals

Urgent care sports physicals are an option for parents of young athletes in southeast Michigan. Here's why to consider one for sports or school physicals.