Kids Safety & Urgent Care

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Non-Urgent Medical Services that are Available at Urgent Care

Want to know the non-urgent medical services that are available at urgent care? You might be surprised at what these walk-in clinics can provide families.
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EMT Dad Uses ‘Baby Shark’ to Teach Toddler CPR

The catchy kids’ song ‘Baby Shark’ serves a purpose beyond getting stuck in your head. It could help your child learn how to save a life.

ER or Pediatrician’s Office?

When is your child's ailment worth a trip to the emergency room and when is a visit to his or her pediatrician the remedy?

Helping Youth in Crisis

Families in Oakland County can receive support through the Oakland Community Health Network's New Oakland Mobile Crisis Team and Youth Assistance programs.
Why Parents Should Consider Urgent Care Sports Physicals

Why Parents Should Consider Urgent Care Sports Physicals

Urgent care sports physicals are an option for parents of young athletes in southeast Michigan. Here's why to consider one for sports or school physicals.

5 Major Risks and Common Injuries from Trampolines

One bad trampoline fall could land your child in the emergency room this summer, says a Children’s Hospital of Michigan pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Here’s what every parent should know about trampoline risks.

Summertime Swimming Safety Tips for Kids

Here are some swimming safety tips for kids who are spending a lot of time in and around the pool during vacation months.

‘Tide Pod Challenge’ Puts Kids at Serious Risk

This dangerous trend is growing in popularity despite warnings from health officials. Here's what parents should know.

After Flying Fairy Toy Catches Fire, 7 Ways to Safety-Check Kids’ Toys

Consider these tips to help you evaluate your children's toys and learn how to avoid problems like an exploding flying fairy toy.

What’s in Grandma’s Purse? What Every Parent Needs to Know This Holiday Season

A safety expert from Children's Hospital of Michigan shares important advice.

Urgent Care Clinics in Southeast Michigan

Find out where the nearest walk-in emergency clinics are that can provide medical care to your family.

The Most Common Kids Illnesses Treated at Urgent Care

Local experts weigh in on the most common symptoms and illnesses that bring children to urgent care centers.