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Woman in bed wearing a light-blocking eye mask

5 No-Cost Self-Care Tips to Help You Get Through a Pandemic

Self-care doesn't have to be expensive. Get in some much-needed you time with these no-cost self-care tips from local yogi and self-care guru, Julie Gentile.

The Mental Health Struggles of a College Student

During a normal school year, college students report high levels of anxiety and depression, but this year is anything but normal. How are they coping during the pandemic? Here, two experts offer insight.
Little girl in pink shirt sitting in the grass while meditating with her eyes closed a

Body Scan Meditation Techniques for Kids

Stress affects children in a variety of ways. Luckily, it's never too early (or late) to manage it. Learn how body scan meditation can help kids relax and unwind.
Woman at a spa with cucumbers on her eyes

Ways to Make Self-Care a Priority During Stressful Times

Does taking time for you seem impossible? Here's how parents can and should fit self-care into their busy lives in order to be there fully for their families.
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A Divine Calling: The Importance of Forgiveness

Metro Parent's COO talks about an incident she had with an angry lady at Costco and the importance of forgiving others, even when you feel they don't deserve it.
Barefoot teen sitting up against a wall with their head in their arms

Teaching Children About Suicide Risks in Others

While the topic might seem difficult to discuss with children, having a frank discussion about suicide prevention can help save lives.
Woman making a scrunched up face at a child

How a Parent’s Daily Attitude Affects Kids

Your kids notice your day-to-day attitude, whether you want them to or not. Find out how a parent's daily attitude affects kids and how to have a better outlook.
Girl wearing pink shirt and a pink bow with a green backpack puts head in hand and looks into camera

Why Perfectionism in Girls is so Pervasive – and How to Change It

Perfectionism is ramping up among all kids, but girls seem to fall deeper into the pit. Here's why our daughters are wracked with self-criticism – and what we can do.
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9 Ways to Practice Self-Care During Black Lives Matter

A global movement for equaltiy can have a huge affect on our mental health. Here are a few ways you can practice self-care during Black Lives Matter.
Illustration of parents parenting while distracted

How to Parent When You’re Stressed or Distracted or Worried

We're all feeling stressed these days and sometimes that stress can affect our parenting. Here are some ways to help you parent when you're stressed.
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Relationship Loss and Kids: Coping When Someone Close Says Goodbye

From childhood friends moving to parents splitting from significant others, relationship loss and kids can be a struggle. Learn how to help kids manage.
Illustration of a Black person talking to a therapist

Prioritizing Mental Health for People of Color

The gap for minority communities receiving quality mental health care has been long-known but current events make it more critical to address. Here's what needs to be done.