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Mental Illness and Executive Functioning Skills

Deficits in 'executive functioning' commonly occur with mental health conditions in children. Find out how you can help bridge the gap.

Prioritizing Mental Health Keeps Kids Safe and Alive

When kids' mental health needs aren't met, they may turn to drugs to cope. This can lead to run-ins with police and even suicide. Oakland Community Health Network explains why – and how you can help.

Disclosing a Mental Illness: Who Should You Tell?

When to tell others if you or your child has a mental health condition can be a difficult decision. A local expert weighs in.

Exposing the Stigma of Addiction

Substance use disorders are a disease. So why aren't they treated like one? The Oakland Community Health Network explores the misconceptions and what you can do to help.

The Truth About Mental Illness and Violence

Find out what the research really says and why this mental health myth is so harmful.

Compulsive Skin Picking in Children

Notice your child picking at skin? This body-focused repetitive behavior could indicate something more. Learn more from a local therapist.

Supporting Siblings of Kids With Mental Illness

Tips for parents to make sure siblings don't feel left out when another child in the family is struggling.

The Mental Health Gender Gap

A local expert explains the issue that keeps many people from accessing mental health care.

Tips on Parenting Adult Children

Parenting adult children is definitely an adjustment. Get guidance on getting along with your grown kids, offering advice, staying connected and more.

How to Treat Postpartum Depression

A local psychiatrist shares signs to look out for and offers advice on how to treat postpartum depression.

Why Your Family’s Mental Health History Matters

A local expert explains why it's important to be aware and open about the mental illness in your family.

The Importance of Family Therapy

What is family therapy? When does it help? A leading local therapist weighs in.