Mental Health & Self Care

Woman making a scrunched up face at a child

How a Parent’s Daily Attitude Affects Kids

Your kids notice your day-to-day attitude, whether you want them to or not. Find out how a parent's daily attitude affects kids and how to have a better outlook.
Girl wearing pink shirt and a pink bow with a green backpack puts head in hand and looks into camera

Why Perfectionism in Girls is so Pervasive – and How to Change It

Perfectionism is ramping up among all kids, but girls seem to fall deeper into the pit. Here's why our daughters are wracked with self-criticism – and what we can do.
a Black woman in lotus pose

9 Ways to Practice Self-Care During Black Lives Matter

A global movement for equaltiy can have a huge affect on our mental health. Here are a few ways you can practice self-care during Black Lives Matter.
Illustration of parents parenting while distracted

How to Parent When You’re Stressed or Distracted or Worried

We're all feeling stressed these days and sometimes that stress can affect our parenting. Here are some ways to help you parent when you're stressed.
A sad girl in the rain with a black cat

Relationship Loss and Kids: Coping When Someone Close Says Goodbye

From childhood friends moving to parents splitting from significant others, relationship loss and kids can be a struggle. Learn how to help kids manage.
Illustration of a Black person talking to a therapist

Prioritizing Mental Health for People of Color

The gap for minority communities receiving quality mental health care has been long-known but current events make it more critical to address. Here's what needs to be done.
A Black woman speaking to a therapist

Addressing Mental Health and Substance Use Services for People of Color

In honor of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, Oakland County Deputy Executive Rudy Hobbs offers insight on the barriers minority communities face — and the work that’s being done to help them overcome these issues.
Illustration of a girl sitting in a corner while her mom points at her while wearing a mask

Is it Time to Seek Help from a Therapist?

A local psychotherapist weighs in on when it's the right time to speak to a therapist — and how you can find the right fit.

Acknowledging Stress as a Family

The new normal brought on by the coronavirus spread has caused some serious stress for parents. While they may want to shield their children from that stress, it's important to own it. Here, a local expert offers insight on why — and how.
A sad small boy surrounded by vines

Depression in Kids: Identifying and Treating This Mental Health Issue

Clinical depression in kids and adolescents is rising, along with correlated suicides. Here's how to spot this often-hidden mood disorder – and help kids.
A close-up of a child scratching his or her arm

Compulsive Skin Picking in Children

Notice your child picking at skin? This body-focused repetitive behavior could indicate something more. Here, a local therapist talks compulsive skin picking in children.

Focusing on Mental Wellness

The Medical Director of Oakland Community Health Network and the Director of Specialized Services for Youth at Oakland Family Services offer tips for families.