Mental Health & Self Care

A Black woman speaking to a therapist

Addressing Mental Health and Substance Use Services for People of Color

In honor of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, Oakland County Deputy Executive Rudy Hobbs offers insight on the barriers minority communities face — and the work that’s being done to help them overcome these issues.
Illustration of a girl sitting in a corner while her mom points at her while wearing a mask

Is it Time to Seek Help from a Therapist?

A local psychotherapist weighs in on when it's the right time to speak to a therapist — and how you can find the right fit.

Acknowledging Stress as a Family

The new normal brought on by the coronavirus spread has caused some serious stress for parents. While they may want to shield their children from that stress, it's important to own it. Here, a local expert offers insight on why — and how.
A sad small boy surrounded by vines

Depression in Kids: Identifying and Treating This Mental Health Issue

Clinical depression in kids and adolescents is rising, along with correlated suicides. Here's how to spot this often-hidden mood disorder – and help kids.
A close-up of a child scratching his or her arm

Compulsive Skin Picking in Children

Notice your child picking at skin? This body-focused repetitive behavior could indicate something more. Here, a local therapist talks compulsive skin picking in children.

Focusing on Mental Wellness

The Medical Director of Oakland Community Health Network and the Director of Specialized Services for Youth at Oakland Family Services offer tips for families.

Signs Your Teen is Struggling With Substance Abuse

While opioid use is on the rise, marijuana and alcohol are still top substances of choice for teenagers. Here, the director of the Macomb County Office of Substance Abuse details the top signs to look for.

5 Ways to Support Kids With Autism

When a child with autism needs support, where can families turn for help? Here, two experts from Harbor Oaks Hospital in New Baltimore offer insight and advice.

Teaching Children to Embrace Their Emotions

Is it OK to cry? A local expert weighs in on why it's necessary for children – and their parents – to express their feelings.

Preventing Opioid Abuse in Your Family and Community

During Self-Harm Awareness Month in March, Macomb County Community Mental Health encourages awareness and openness about substance use disorders.

Puberty and Mental Health: Is Teen Moodiness Normal?

How parents can tell the difference between puberty-related emotional changes and a mental health condition.