Mental Health & Self Care

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ASMR and Kids: What is It, and What are the Pros and Cons?

YouTube has exploded with videos of people whispering, rustling buttons and even eating pickles – all to elicit a calm feeling. Can ASMR and kids be a good mix?
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Washtenaw County #wishyouknew Targets Teen Mental Health

Letting youth know they're not alone – and helping adults broach tough subjects with them – is the goal of the Washtenaw County #wishyouknew campaign.

What is Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

A local mental health professional explains this often-misunderstood diagnosis.
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How to Help Your Kid Manage the Post-Holiday Blues

The holidays happen in a flash – and then all the excitement evaporates. For some kids, that prompts the post-holiday blues. What can parents do to help?
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Journaling for Clearer Vision in 2020

Metro Parent's editor-in-chief talks the value of journaling and how it can be a valuable way to establish a clearer vision in 2020.

The Stigma of Substance Use Disorders

The manager of Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Services at Oakland Community Health Network discusses ways for families to stop the stigma cycle.

How Organization and Routines Can Improve Kids’ Mental Health

With the new year in mind, find out how one social learning method can help children thrive.
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Caregiver Support Groups in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

Caring for an aging parent can put some serious stress on a child. These caregiver support groups in metro Detroit and Ann Arbor can help.
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Study Finds that Most Parents Have Concerns About Recognizing Youth Depression

A recent study found that most parents would have trouble recognizing youth depression. Find out what makes it so difficult – and how can you help combat these barriers.

Why Kids Pick Their Skin, Pull Their Hair

These common habits can point to bigger problems. A local expert explains what parents need to know about skin-picking and hair-pulling.

The Benefit of ‘Mental Health Days’ for Kids

A new take on sick days is now being embraced as one small way to bring mental health awareness to the forefront. A local expert weighs in.

Parenting in the Middle School Years: Protecting Mom’s Mental Health

Research has found that mothers are more prone to extreme stress and loneliness during this phase.