Mental Health & Self Care

Breaking Free From FOMO in Families

Whether it's our social feeds or stressing over catching every single soccer match, FOMO in families, or fear of missing out, is rampant. Here's how to tame it.
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Why Perfectionism in Girls is so Pervasive – and How to Change It

Perfectionism is ramping up among all kids, but girls seem to fall deeper into the pit. Here's why our daughters are wracked with self-criticism – and what we can do.
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In a Perfect World: Reflections on Girls and Perfection

Metro Parent's editor-in-chief talks about this month's cover story and how her drive for perfection held her back when she was young.

Overcoming Addiction

A successful recovery begins with support and resources – and that's just what two people offer to those in early recovery. Here, they share insight and advice for families and individuals struggling with substance use.

How to Prioritize Mental Health During Back-to-School Season

In the whirlwind of changing schedules and big emotions, parents can be a steadying source of support.

The Benefits of Animal Therapy for Kids

Loss and grief can be swift and sudden, and processing both can be a struggle. A metro Detroit expert explains how animal therapy for kids can help.
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Relationship Loss and Kids: Coping When Someone Close Says Goodbye

From childhood friends moving to parents splitting from significant others, relationship loss and kids can be a struggle. Learn how to help kids manage.

How to Talk to Kids About Their Mental Health

Open communication is key – and it can't wait, experts say.
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Women Giving Up Alcohol Get a Big Health Boost

There's bad news for the mommy drinking culture. A study highlights the benefits of women giving up alcohol. Learn why, and score a few mocktail swaps to help.
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Detroit is the Most Stressed-Out City in the Country

Sheesh, can't we catch a break? A 2019 WalletHub study says Detroit is the most stressed-out city. Here's why – and five ways local parents can decompress.

Addressing Barriers in Minority Mental Health

African-Americans and Latinos face a number of roadblocks when it comes to mental health care. Here, two local experts offer insight and advice for families on addressing mental health disorders.

Looking on the Bright Side: Cultivating a Positive Attitude for Mental Health

Find out why positivity and perseverance are so powerful for mental health.