Mental Health & Self Care

Recipe for a Healthy Marriage Relationship for Parents

Settling down is just step one. Real wedded bliss takes hard work, time and attention especially with kids in the mix. Here are key ingredients.

Siblings Launch Caregiving and Grief Website After Sister’s Death

The website, Losing a Puzzle Piece, is updated regularly with resources and posts related to the loss of a brother or sister.

What We Nurture: The Spirituality of Parenting with NPR’s Krista Tippett

A conversation on teaching and loving kids in a complex world with Krista Tippett and Sylvia Boorstein, the author, psychotherapist and teacher.

The 12-Step Program: How It Helps Families Dealing With Addiction

How the road to recovery works for families who are battling alcoholism, drug abuse or other addictions.

Easter Seals Story: The Benefits of Child-Parent Psychotherapy

This evidence-based technique has helped Hazel Park mom Nicole Irons connect and better understand her daughter Matiah, who has autism.

Depression Risk is High for Young, First-Time Fathers

It's common to hear about postpartum depression for moms. But according to a new study, dads are feeling down and suffering from paternal postnatal depression.

Mom's Car Chase/Shooting Death: Postpartum Depression Factor?

The family of Miriam Carey, the victim of a fatal shooting outside the Capitol, says Carey, mother to a 1-year-old, was suffering from mental instability.

More Kids are Being Diagnosed with Mental Disorders

One in five children in the United States suffers from a mental disorder, according to a new, first-of-its kind study. What are the leading issues and what should parents know?

Easter Seals Getting Help for Teen Depression

Jillian Lustig is among the reported 16 percent of Michigan high school students who have considered suicide. Here's how she got help - and what parents should know.

Kids and Depression

For Mental Health Month, Henry Ford child psychologists draw attention to the symptoms and the solutions for depression.

First Hospital Based, Anti Bullying Kids Program in Michigan

Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak launches No Bullying Live Empowered, or NoBLE, to support at-risk children and their families.

Childhood Depression and Antidepressants

Do you think your tween or teen is struggling with major depression? Here, parents can learn about medication and therapy options, risks, warning signs and tips for running intervention.