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The Ponytail Headache: A Very Real Pain for Kids

Could your child really suffer from a ponytail headache? A metro Detroit pediatric neurologist says yes and explains what parents can do to help.

Does Your Child Need a Neuropsychological Assessment?

Paulina Multhaupt, a clinical psychologist at Shelby Pediatrics, breaks down the benefits and provides insight into this test for children struggling with learning or behavioral issues.

The Big Benefits of Nature on Mental Health

A local expert weighs in on how spending time outdoors improves mental health.

What to Do BEFORE That Summer 5K or Mud Run

With intense fitness programs on the rise, a sports medicine doc with DMC Medical Group offers advice for parents looking to get in shape.

Different Kinds of Bug Bites in Michigan Parents Should Know About

If you spot a potential insect nibble on your child's skin, here are a few different kinds of bug bites in Michigan to keep on your radar.

Teaching Your Kids Good Hygiene Practices and Proper Grooming

Cover your bases with these 11 good hygiene practices that every parent should teach their children about grooming and hygiene.

5 Major Risks and Common Injuries from Trampolines

One bad trampoline fall could land your child in the emergency room this summer, says a Children’s Hospital of Michigan pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Here’s what every parent should know about trampoline risks.

Summertime Swimming Safety Tips for Kids

Here are some swimming safety tips for kids who are spending a lot of time in and around the pool during vacation months.

Tips and Advice for Buying Kids Glasses Online

Ever considered purchasing kids glasses on the Internet? A local optometrist offers insight into the process – and what to be cautious of.

2018 Mom-Approved Docs

Looking for a few good pediatric pros? Find just what the doctor ordered in Metro Parent’s annual roundup of top-notch docs, according to local moms and dads

Mental Illness and Executive Functioning Skills

Deficits in 'executive functioning' commonly occur with mental health conditions in children. Find out how you can help bridge the gap.

Rethinking Attitudes on Medication

So often, popping a pill for an ailment is mindless – like eating candy. But, as the opioid crisis is proving, it can have dire consequences. Truly protecting our kids takes a shift in what we show them – and, often, showing them better ways to manage pain.