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Little girl at summer camp

Are Summer Camps in 2020 in Jeopardy from the Pandemic?

Summer camps — both day and overnight — are back on in Michigan. Here, we offer some expert information on what summer camps will look like in 2020.
A car parked at a drive-in movie

Drive-In Movies Near Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

Missing date night at your favorite theater? Get a retro movie-going experience at one of these drive-in movies in southeast Michigan and beyond.
Mom and daughter on a laptop while laying on the floor

10 Zoom Backgrounds by Southeast Michigan Spots

Bored with your virtual meetings? Add a little flair to your next Zoom call with these Zoom backgrounds by Southeast Michigan spots.

Acknowledging Stress as a Family

The new normal brought on by the coronavirus spread has caused some serious stress for parents. While they may want to shield their children from that stress, it's important to own it. Here, a local expert offers insight on why — and how.

The Importance of Well Visits With Your Child’s Doctor

The Chief of Pediatric Hospital Medicine at Children's Hospital of Michigan weighs in on why well visits are essential to your child's health — even in the midst of a pandemic.

Keeping Kids Safe in the Car

Car safety goes beyond buckling up. In fact, there's a lot parents should know before hitting the road. An expert with the Kohl's SAFE 4 Kids Program explains.
A "sorry, we're closed" sign on a storefront

Things You Can Still Do During Michigan’s ‘Stay At Home’ Order

Michigan's "stay at home" order has been extended to June 12 but some restrictions have been lifted. Here's a breakdown on what you can do outside of your home.
Woman dancing in a living room

How Families Can Defeat the Quarantine 15

Doctor and author Mimi Secor offers her tips to lose quarantine 15 and stay healthy this pandemic and beyond.
A man and girl smiling on a blue background

Embracing the Family Overload of Quarantine

The dad behind the award-winning 'Viva Daddy' column talks about what his family has been doing to keep it together during quarantine.
A sad small boy surrounded by vines

Depression in Kids: Identifying and Treating This Mental Health Issue

Clinical depression in kids and adolescents is rising, along with correlated suicides. Here's how to spot this often-hidden mood disorder – and help kids.
Mon and child unpacking a cooking box

7 Activity Boxes Offered by Small Businesses in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

Support local — and teach your kids a little something new — with these seven activity boxes offered by small businesses in our area.
A group of people running a race

11 Virtual Races to Start Your Summer Running Routine

5K, 10K and marathon races are on pause in 2020 but you can still get your fill of running fun at one of these virtual races put on by both local and national groups.