Health & Fitness

First Time Doctor Visits

What you should know and what you should bring?

The Importance of Sleep

How much should kids get?

Vitamin D Deficiency

What should you know?

Groegg Color Changing Digital Thermometer

Not too hot, not too cold - keep your baby's room temperature just right (and safe!) with this smart thermometer.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

How children and families in southeast Michigan are surviving and thriving with this chronic digestive condition.

Safety and Children's Prescriptions

Before you hit the pharmacy, take our Rx to ensuring safe health care for your kids.

I Hate Fall Colds!

Sure the kids are in school, but the temps are still in the 70s and 80s. Those sniffles can't be a cold!

Medical Testing on Kids

It's a scary proposition to allow your child to participate in a medical treatment study, but experts say it's also an opportunity.

Playground Exercises for Mom

No need to be a spectator: Parents can get in shape while the kids are sliding and swinging at the local playground.

Neighborhood Safety Tips for Kids in Summer

Oakland County Sheriff offers four key tips to keeping your kids safe when they're out and about this summer.

Dealing with Canker Sores

What causes them, what are they - and what can families do when this mouth menace strikes kids or parents?

Spring into Safety

Childhood accidents can happen. But there are ways parents can avoid some of the most tragic - and common - �problems.