Health & Fitness

Teens and Tanning Beds

Experts expose some of the real risks kids face - from rashes to deadly melanoma.

Sun Safety

When the sun is shining, how often should you apply sunscreen to your child's skin?

Helping Overweight Kids Lose Weight

Southfield Pediatrics Dr. Suzanne Peplinski offers five ways to help children shed excess pounds - and keep them off.

Pole Mama: Meet Melanie Pagel

This fitness trainer uses pole dancing - along with pilates and aerial yoga - to turn-on women across southeast Michigan to getting a great workout!

Dr. Sears Family Essentials Popumz

Just because they're healthy doesn't mean they skimp on flavor! These nutritious snacks are a yummy treat for kids - and parents.

Mono: Don’t Call it the Kissing Disease

Dr. Robert Blum discusses the causes of Infectious Mononucleosis.

Ear Infections in Children

Are a high number of ear infections normal? How can parents prevent them?

The Return of Whooping Cough

With the number of Whooping Cough cases on the rise, what can parents do to prevent it?

The Right Doctor For Your Teenager

What kind of doctor is best for your teen?

Getting Your Family in Shape

Got some health goals? Here are seven ways parents can get their crew to exercise more - and not make it a chore!

Cold and Flu Prevention

Tips to keep your kids well.

First Time Doctor Visits

What you should know and what you should bring?