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Mom Turns Her Placenta Into Chocolate, Sparks Controversy

Popping placenta pills to improve postpartum health is a well-known trend in the mom-verse but as moms get creative about it, we're asking you to weigh the facts before chowing down.

Long-Term Effects of Parental Favoritism

Do you ever play favorites among your kids, or know parents who do? The impact of parental favoritism, good and bad, may run deeper than you think.

Evrod Cassimy, Morning Anchor on WDIV Local 4 News Today

Evrod Cassimy of Channel 4 gives the scoop on his TV job, exploring his home and balancing it all with being a father.

Woman Panhandles for Money for In-Vitro Fertilization

After 13 years of struggling to conceive, a Springville, Utah woman has taken to the streets to beg for cash for IVF treatments. Would you support her cause?

Mom Celebrates Her Miracle Baby With Zombie Smash Cake

Her son actually died in the hospital on Halloween but came back to her, so for his first birthday, she celebrated by turning him into the living dead.

Study Finds Herpes-Autism Link

A local pediatrician weighs in on what parents should know about this research regarding the herpes-autism link.

Sage Yet Strange Baby Name Advice from the 1920s

Modern flapper era mamas had plenty of progressive advice. But when it came to baby name advice, it was a mixed bag. (And especially tough for poor Lenora!)

Paying a Stranger $3,000 to Have the Sex Talk With Your...

One British couple would like to do just that. In fact, they want to hire someone to discuss the birds and the bees with both their 7- and 8-year-old children.

Dad-Daughter Girl Scout Cookie Remix Goes Viral

Not much beats Girl Scout cookie season, except maybe a dad who helps step up his daughter's cookie peddling game with a viral hit about each flavor.

Being Thankful for Being a Parent

Five simple ways that you can become more grateful – and, some days, happy! – that you're a mom or dad.

Prom Redo With Mom Prom Event

South Lyon mom of three Betsey Crapps started this nationwide movement. Read more about Mom Prom here.

Pass on the Vino, Please: Choosing Not to Drink

While TV and movies have made drinking look even more appealing, not everyone is doing it. Here, one local mom talks about choosing not to drink.