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Do You Suspect a Family Member Hates Your Kid?

An Oakland County psychologist weighs in on how to deal with toxic family members that could have an issue with your child.

Special Needs Events for Kids and Parents in Southeast Michigan

Parents of children with special needs can plan ahead for fun activities, sensory-friendly movie showings and more that are tailored to meet their needs.

Mom Charges Family for Christmas Dinner

One mom charged her family for a Christmas meal, which left us asking if people are really that out of touch with true holiday spirit.

How to Encourage Optimism and Positive Thoughts in Children

Parents can help kids develop more resiliency and the mental durability they need to weather the small stuff – and life's bigger challenges down the road.

5 Friendship Rules to Teach Your Kids

These simple friendship rules from a local expert can help your kids deal with common issues.

Transitioning Kids from Believing in Santa to Becoming Santa

Having a chat with children about St. Nick can is a time-honored challenge. But helping them realize they're capable of becoming Santa is a very powerful lesson.

Dad Turns Toddler Son into Real-life Elf on the Shelf

The Utah father of six and man behind That Dad Blog takes a holiday tradition to another live-action level with his young kid.

Teen Privacy: The Closed-Door Policy

Somewhere around age 12, kids start locking their bedroom doors. Decide where you'll draw the line on tween and teen privacy.

Tips on Teaching Kids the Joy of Giving Presents

The holidays are the perfect time to start teaching kids about giving. Help them learn the joy of giving presents and not just receiving them.

Messenger Kids, The Facebook Messenger App for Children

Messenger Kids, a free video calling and messaging app for children ages 6 and 12, touts being a safe and private way for kids to communicate.

How to Raise Kinder, Less Entitled Kids

A local parenting coach offers five tips on how to raise kinder, less entitled kids in today's world.

Should You Buy Your Kid a Laptop for Christmas?

Did a laptop land on your kid's holiday wish list this year? Two local computer experts share tips for parents on choosing the best laptop for kids.