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How Parents Can Navigate Stressors and Successes with a Child With Autism

Involved parents can maximize developmental success for their child with autism. Healing Haven's Dr. Jennifer Badalamenti shares why parent training is key for families with developmental needs.

Reframing Repetitive Behaviors for Kids With Autism

Repetitive behaviors such as rocking, spinning and hand-flapping are common for children with autism. But are they behaviors you should discourage?

Simple Tips for Successful Travel With Your Child on the Autism Spectrum

Is holiday travel in your future? Get prepared for a fun and successful experience with advice from an expert at Gateway Pediatric Therapy.
Kids playing pirates in boxes

Nurturing Sibling Play When One Child is on the Spectrum

With COVID-19 social distancing, siblings are sometimes the only playmate kids have. How can you help children with autism play with their neurotypical siblings? The experts at Gateway Pediatric Therapy have advice.
A child smiling while eating

Helping Kids on the Spectrum Overcome Food Selectivity

Gateway works with families to address skill deficits and leverage reinforcement-based techniques.

Tips for Improving Attention of Children With Autism

The owner of the Farmington Hills-based Spark Center for Autism offers five ways families can help.

Helping Kids With Autism Cope With Schedule Disruptions

Both young and old are struggling with the changes in day-to-day life brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, but for children on the autism spectrum, this new way of life can cause some serious issues. Here, the owner and director of the Spark Center for Autism offers advice.

Detroit Zoo and Belle Isle Nature Center are Sensory Certified

Zoo experiences for kids with special needs are in better reach since the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak and Belle Isle Nature Center in Detroit became sensory certified.

Kids Services at Hope Network Center for Autism in Livonia

The former location of Ladywood High school is transforming into Hope Center for Autism in Livonia, where kids will receive a variety of services.

Turning Negatives Into Positives When Interacting With Kids on the Spectrum

The Clinical Director of Gateway Pediatric Therapy's Lansing clinic discusses how celebrating daily victories and adopting a "giver mindset" helps set expectations.

5 Ways to Support Kids With Autism

When a child with autism needs support, where can families turn for help? Here, two experts from Harbor Oaks Hospital in New Baltimore offer insight and advice.

Building a Sensory Toolkit for Children with Autism

Katie Fisher, an occupational therapist with Blossom Behavioral Wellness Center in Novi, offers insight and advice for parents.