Autism Resources

Signs and Symptoms of Autism in Kids

One in 68 kids have an autism spectrum disorder. Think this could be your child? Read up on signs of autism in kids, including early signs of autism.

What is ABA Therapy?

A behavior analyst with Henry Ford explains Applied Behavior Analysis therapy that's commonly used for kids with autism.

Events Offer Social Opportunities for Teens with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

The Friendship Club Autism Social gives teens and young adults on the spectrum a chance to socialize in a safe place. Find out more here.

RJ's Place at The Children's Center in Detroit for Kids with...

This new spot within The Children's Center in Detroit, thanks to the HollyRod Foundation, is a haven for kids with autism and their families.

10 Reasons Autism Awareness is Needed Every Month

Why is autism awareness important? Leaders of two local autism therapy programs weigh in on how awareness can help ensure better services and support for people with autism and their families.

Autism Compass Consulting Provides a Path for Parents

Plymouth mom and former special education teacher Jamesena Ingram assists local families impacted my autism through family advocacy and consulting.

Raising a Child with Autism Along with a Neurotypical Kid

Finding out her son had autism wasn't easy for Milford mom and nurse Kelly Miltimore. After trial and error, she offers insight on raising a child with autism along with a neurotypical kid.

Kids with Autism Photo Gallery

Flip through this photo gallery of cuties who learn, grow and live wonderful lives with an autism diagnosis.

App for Parents of Kids with Autism Made in Detroit

Designed for iPhone and Android, the Birdhouse for Autism app and website helps parents of kids with autism log details about their child's day.

Intestinal Germs May Impact Autism, According to a Study

Research from Arizona State University found kids with autism have different concentrations of certain bacterial-produced chemicals than those without autism

Easter Seals Story: Finding The Right Therapy for Autism

Therapy caused frustration for the Terry family. But with the help of Easter Seals Michigan, they found a program that has opened up a whole new world.

Canadian Shopping Malls Offer Special Visits with Santa for Kids with...

For kids with autism, busy and loud Santa visits can be overwhelming. Canadian malls - and a southeast Michigan mall - help by offering quieter, less stimulating visits for the holidays.